Nara Japanese Restaurant (Santa Coloma de Gramanet)

A piece of Nara

Since our passage through Japan we have been looking for that kind of sensations that one has when you see the Japanese country, longing for the essence and purity of those lands.

In the search, to meet again with those desired sensations, we have been through many Japanese restaurants in Barcelona and from other cities.

We have tested good bites in many of them and in others, we have disappointed being old converted Chinese restaurants.

Sushi plate with maki

Not long ago we repeat visit to a restaurant located in Santa Coloma de Gramenet near Barcelona, ​​which merges the Japanese foodwith the Brazilian and the Mediterranean cuisine that we like so much.

This place is called nara like the small town, situated a few kilometers from Kyoto and who owns one of the most impressive buddhas of the country as it is daibutsu.

In Nara Japanese Restaurant, is a window, to that locality and through their dishes brings us closer to Japan , without turning our backs on the home kitchen.

Exquisite mix of flavors

Exquisite mix of flavors

La mixture of flavors, exceptional is consistent with the good presentation of the dishes and a very good service which will make us feel like at home.

The most popular Japanese dishes, such as Makis or the Nigiristhey will not disappoint and we recommend the plate of Salmon with caramelized teriyaki sauceAwesome.

The prices are in line with the quality and really the quality price is more than good.

If you want more information about this great restaurant do click here

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