Natchez: A Mississippi Gem

Natchez is a small city located in Mississippi, in the southern United States. With more than 300 years of history, it is one of the oldest cities in the country.

It is a place steeped in history, traditions, heritage and welcoming places to hang out with good hospitality. Do you want to know this hidden gem of the American South? So don’t wait any longer, come on!

Meet fantastic places in Natchez

What is there to see in Natchez? What is your charm? This city boasts stunning views of the Mississippi River and is home to beautiful historic homes, well-preserved churches, parks, historic trails, vibrant nightlife, and fine dining. The conjunction of all this gives us as a result a simple and incredible place.

the great mississippi river

The Mississippi River is the second longest in the United States and crosses 10 states. It has its main source in Lake Itasca, in northern Minnesota, to the delta of the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico, through 3,730 kilometers.

this mighty river drains all or part of 32 states of the country and 2 provinces of Canada, thanks to its numerous tributaries. The states covered are Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. This river is a great protagonist, so if you go, do not miss out on knowing it.

historic houses

“Historic Homes” and “Natchez” should be synonymous, as it’s hard to imagine one could exist without the other. The historic houses here are undoubtedly the protagonists: the city has more than 1,000 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In addition to still standing, they are very well preserved and are beautiful. Some of the most notable are the Longwood Historic House, Monmouth Inn, Melrose, Choctaw Hall Historic House, Magnolia Hall Historic House, 1835 Oak Hill Inn, The Towers and Ellicott Hill House.

The Rosalía mansion is one of the historic houses that can be seen in Natchez.

Whether for its beauty and history, for having been owned by important people, for being beautiful inns or for other reasons, each one is unique. And the best part is that there are too many to know.

Museums and historical sites

In Natchez, culture and tradition reign supreme, so there are museums and historic sites to choose from. The offer is so varied that in this small city you could spend days exploring these sites.

In itself, Natchez is one of the few American towns to show in depth the life of the southerners. Learn about the cotton barons, Natchez slaves, Civil War soldiers and life before the Civil War, as well as the experiences of civil rights pioneers and Natchez Indians. Museums, houses and historical monuments will bring you closer to fascinating stories.

Art Galeries

The art galleries in Natchez are characterized by their local artists, who have been greatly influenced by the city itself. Even John James Audubon, a French ornithologist, naturist and painter, was inspired by the natural beauty of this town. In some of the galleries you can even make your own artwork or buy some.

The natural beauty of Natchez

In addition to the important historical sites, Natchez has some really amazing scenery. Yes, like those that inspired Audubon. The environment lends itself to biking, boating on the surrounding lakes along the Mississippi River, fishing, sunset-watching cliff-walking, and camping.

Nature is embraced by the cypress trees that contribute a lot to the ecosystem. While, the sky is filled with birds, making it an ideal place to do bird watching.

Music, bars and nightlife

They say the city’s musical history is as big as the Mississippi River itself. American music was born in this state, and the inhabitants quickly understood it, offering live music often everywhere.

You can learn from the tribal music of the Natchez Indians to the burning of the Rhythm Night Club, that marked the musical history of the city. In addition, it is part of Gold Record Road traveling through the American Music Triangle. This place never ceases to amaze in all areas.

Another color fact has to do with gambling. The city at one time was well known for freedom in gaming. You can still enjoy this activity thanks to the Magnolia Bluffs Casino, which is a replica of a 19th-century sawmill.

Tours in the city

If you visit Natchez, we definitely recommend you do tours from the hand of travel agencies and guides. Thus, you will be able to know the past and the present of the city, which has 13 National Historic Landmarks and more than 1,000 structures on the National Register of Historic Places, which can be seen on a downtown pedestrian loop.

In addition to pedestrian circuits, there are other alternatives to explore the city, such as buses and horse-drawn carriages. Some of the themed circuits are about literature, gastronomy, civil rights, ghosts and even treasure hunts. To learn more about this destination and its circuits, you can browse the Natchez Visitor Center.

There is much to see in Natchez

As you have seen, Natchez is a small town, but it has tons of places to see and things to do! Its historical sites, traditions, landscapes, music, circuits and much more will captivate you and make you feel in a unique place.

All of the above makes Natchez, the jewel of Mississippi, truly an amazing place. Why not write it down for the next vacation?

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