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Get to know the best places in Nevada

Nevada is one of the fifty states that make up the United States. It is located in the west of the country and has a border with California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. This state is remarkably known both for its huge deserts and entertainment which offers throughout the day and also all night.

Tourists, on many occasions, prefer to visit other more popular states, since famous and important cities such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando or San Francisco. However, Nevada also makes its way into the world of tourism, as it guarantees a great variety of spaces and activities to have fun and a lot of places to discover. Many of these places appear in the movies that are projected on the big screen.

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Also, today, Snowfall It is among the favorites when it comes to embark on a new American course and, therefore, leads many people to have to decide between which state to visit or how to organize a trip more marked by times and places of interest.

There is a great diversity of opinions about the attractions of this state which is intimately linked to the game. However, opinions about Nevada are that it is a place where nature fills you with life and makes you live in a picture remarkable for its beauty.

There are many things that can be done there and many interesting places to discover and get to know. To get started, there are spaces full of charm and nature such as Lake Tahoe, which is to the west, on the border between California and Nevada. This place has beaches, ski resorts and parks like the Emerald Bay.

Nevada, much more than a game!

Nevada, much more than a game!

There are also other drier mountain places such as the Death Valley National Parklocated to the southwest with beautiful canyons I wisharctic, saline and increYoble routes for excursions and hiking. His name receives qualifying of death due to the high temperatures that occur in the valley.

There are also other areas similar to this one, such as the well-known Red Rock Canyon, a desert of red sand peaks that create a fascinating landscape, or the Valley of Fire State Parkwhich is said to be the largest and oldest in the state of Nevada.

Shapes of the Zabriskie Point , Death Valley .Nevada

Shapes of the Zabriskie Point , Death Valley .Nevada

On the other hand, one of the most recommended cities to visit is Reindeer. This city is located in the west of the state and very close to Lake Tahoe. It is also well known for its casinos, its ski slopes and the National Automobile Museum, one of the busiest in all Snowfall.

However, the best-known place in the world is Las Vegas, the well-known city of entertainment par excellence. It is known for its huge themed hotels and the busy casinos full of parties and shows.

TheStrip.  the most famous street in Las Vegas, Nevada

TheStrip. the most famous street in Las Vegas, Nevada

Mainly, the strip It is the most famous avenue in Las Vegas, it has appeared in many movies and it is full of places of leisure and entertainment. also highlights fremont streetwhich is the street where they are the coolest placess recommended and essential to visitand that hosts the best-known show full of lights, videos, songs and giant screens everywhere.

And it is that Nevada may be known for the famous city of Las Vegas but not only the visit to this wonderful place will make you fall in love with this state. If you are a game lover, you could adapt to online offers and settle for poker games at 888 or any other game of chance available on your mobile device, and take the opportunity not to focus only on the big city and thus be able to visit these authentic wonders that must be appreciated in the first person and that are far from any previous reference that we may have. There are things that can only be appreciated with our eyes.

On the other hand, there are also places in Nevada to rest and disconnection of mind and body. Well, the landscapes that he gives us are wonderful, more than a work of art. So if you drop by Inyo National Forestyou will feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Its white mountains separate Nevada from California. This place is created with a perfect combination of trees and rocky mountains that, accompanied by a blue and icy lake, offer an idyllic picture. As if it were an edited photograph but no, it is a gift of nature for those who know how to appreciate it.

Finally, another interesting city to discover is tonepah. It has an open-air museum of objects and tools for mining of metals such as gold and silver. Also of interest is the hotel Mizpahas it was built when this city was founded and shows a style of the old west.

West Coast Route

West Coast Route

In addition, if we emphasize its most historical side, it has an old mining park full of spectacular views formed by falls and mines that light up so that they can be explored with the aim of discovering another of the faces that this city has formed.

Thus, it can be said that much fame is not necessary to discover the beauty of each state. Nevada offers many activities and attractions. It has many postal destinationswith charm and so full of nature that you will always want to return, because they will be recorded in your retina and in your photographs and you will remember them as some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

But Nevada also has its most festive and entertaining side, especially in the city of vegas. You can always stop by for a few days of heavy gaming and then admire the art of nature and tranquility in many of the places described.

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