New York Cafe in Budapest, one of the most beautiful cafes

The capital of Hungary has many attractions, such as the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle or the Szécheny Baths. But in addition, we can enjoy a few hours of relaxation and history in one of the most beautiful cafes in the world. The New York Cafe is an experience for all the senses, a unique and special place that will captivate you.

new york cafea wonderful corner

It is said to be the best coffee in the world. For this reason, all tourists who arrive in the Hungarian capital should stop by the New York Cafe and, if possible, have breakfast or a snack at one of its tables.

Today it belongs to the Boscolo hotel and is very famous internationally. Nevertheless, this building was built as the headquarters of an insurance company, whose name was used for the cafeteria.

New York Cafe – Martchan /

The establishment was inaugurated on October 23, 1894. And in its long history it has gone through glorious moments and moments of decline. But regardless of all this, what is certain is that the best of Budapest’s society and cultural life have passed through the New York Cafe.

The best period of this establishment was the period known as “between the wars”, when Budapest was a prominent cultural center of Central Europe. During communism its splendor fell, as happened with the country in general. After those years, the establishment had to close for some time to restore its original magic.

New York Cafe – Wei-Te Wong /

Although it is the most expensive place to have a coffee in the entire capital, it is worth the investment. More than a cafeteria, the New York Cafe in Budapest looks like a palace. You will feel like a real king!


“Among the many luxuries of the table, coffee can be considered one of the most valuable. He glimpses joy without intoxication, and the pleasurable flow of spirits he causes is never followed by sadness, languor, or weakness.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

pure luxury

The gold color is the predominant color in the room, and also includes the ceiling and the columns. The walls in turn contain beautiful frescoes. And separate mention deserve the majestic chandeliers and the relief of the arches. You will be amazed looking at a decoration as ostentatious as it is exquisite!

New York Cafe – Wei-Te Wong /

In addition, the service of the waiters is excellent (they speak English) and the food is delicious. A good idea is to go mid-morning and order a full breakfast with Hungarian cakes and chocolates with cream or coffee. This will fill you up and you can avoid lunch.

Two people will spend about 20 euros on that menu… but think that you are paying a tourist visit to a place with a lot of history, and by the way consuming local delicacies. That doesn’t seem like so much money!

More must-see cafes in Budapest

In addition to the New York Cafe, Budapest offers us other wonderful establishments where you can enjoy not only an infusion or a coffee, but also architecture and history:

1. Central Kavehaz

Central Kávéház – Alejandro /

It is one of the oldest in the city, since it opened its doors in 1887. With slightly more affordable prices, this cultural meeting point for writers, musicians, painters and teachers is open from 8 in the morning to 11:30 at night. It is located at No. 9 Károlyi Mihály Street.

2. Gerbeaud

Gerbeaud – Stefano Ember /

A pastry shop and cafeteria that you cannot miss on your way through the city. It is located in Vorosmaty Square, a very lively place in Budapest since its creation in 1858. It has several elegant rooms that will make you travel to the noucentista era of Central Europe. Here you will enjoy the most delicious cakes of your life.

3. Alexandra Bookcafe

Alexandra Bookcafe – Mike Bing /

Perhaps it has a little less charm than the previous ones, however this cafe on Andrassy Avenue is also offers a library with dozens of texts (in Hungarian almost all). This café is located on the top floor of the Parisi Udvár building and has beautifully decorated high ceilings.

4. Ruszwurm Cukraszda

On Szentharomsag street, this café is a small establishment on the hill of the Buda castle and is ideal for a stop between so many walks. The patisserie was founded in 1827 by the Szamos family and its decoration is in the Bidermeier style, very popular in the early 19th century

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