Night Safari, the night safari in Singapore

The Night Safari and its neighbor the Singapore Zoo are two of the most interesting attractions from the city. Places where people who love nature and families with children will enjoy. Both are located in the north of the metropolis. In fact, they are side by side, operating independently.

You have to know that the animals in the Night Safari are not the same as the ones in the zoo. It is therefore possible to enjoy both attractions in one weekend.

The Night Safari is located in the north of Singapore, in a nature reserve, all in a tropical jungle. In it there are 1000 animals of 120 species, of which 36% are species that are in danger of extinction.

Singapore Night Safari: a most interesting visit

We can visit the Singapore night safari in two ways. You can walk, following three paths that are well signposted. At some points of the routes there are large windows that allow quite close contact with the big cats that live there.

The other way to visit this park is on an electric train on wheels which makes a predetermined circuit. Entrance to the park is included in the price of the train. This vehicle circulates along a circuit that passes next to the animal enclosures. In fact, animals can often be seen grazing near the train.

You choose the way to explore the park. If you do it walking you can stop as long as you want to see the animals. The train, meanwhile, is perfect for families with children or people who have difficulty getting around.

Information of interest

What the existing lighting in the park does is simulate a full moon night. All this effect is achieved with a white light that is present in a subtle way. It is not the best place to take photos, yes.

It is worth making clear that the use of flash is prohibited to avoid disturbing and scaring the animals. But without the flash it is difficult to take photos in normal conditions.

There is a show that can be seen three times a day (weather permitting) called Creatures of the Night Show (Creatures of the night show). It lasts half an hour and is held in an amphitheater located in the jungle. A show in which the protagonists are animals of various species.

How do you get to the Night Safari?

There are several options If we talk about transportation to get to the Singapore night safari:

  • In them are the buses that are responsible for uniting the tourist areas of the country.
  • You can use the subway to approach the Night Safari. The last train leaves after midnight, so it is best not to leave the visit for too late or you want to miss it and have to opt for another transport option.

What are your hours of operation?

The park has opening hours from 7:30 p.m. to midnight, every day. As for shops and restaurants, they open from 18:00 in the evening.

It is also possible to visit the Singapore Zoo on the same day. You can go to him at lunchtime and spend the afternoon at the zoo until it closes at 6:00 p.m. From that time you can go to the Night Safari.

How much?

It is possible to purchase tickets only for the Night Safari. But also you can buy combined tickets with other parks, they would include the Night Safari, the Singapore Zoo, and the Jurong Bird Park.

The combined input te gives a period of 30 days to be able to visit the other parks, so you won’t have to run from each other on the same day. The updated prices can be consulted on the park’s website.

Definitely, it will be a great experience to visit this singapore night safari. A walk that is never forgotten.

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