Nits de Tanit Festival in Ibiza 2018 to enjoy

The best music reaches Ibizan lands thanks to the Tanit Nits Festival, an event that every year offers the best proposals.

Throughout the summer we find a series of very appetizing appointments such as the festivals. They are excellent proposals to be able to make a getaway through Spanish lands to enjoy the good atmosphere and also the best music from different groups.

The Nits de Tanit Festival is a spectacular summer event to enjoy in IbizaIn this case the newly started Tanit Nights Festival 2018 It is a very interesting event that every year comes with the best groups from different corners of the world. This year the festival will bring different groups from places like Syria, Poland, Spain, Algeria and Ireland. This is an event organized by the Department of Education, Heritage, Culture, Sports and Youth of the Consell d’Eivissa.

The best music will be present on different dates. In addition to the Souad Massi concert we can enjoy different events throughout the summer. This usually helps tourism to continue advancing in this area of ​​the Balearic Islands and more travelers bet on this place.

The best music in Ibiza

Ibiza is a spectacular destination for its beaches and coves, as well as its festivals. In this case, one of the next dates will be the performance of Brouk on August 11, while on Sunday the 12th we will be able to enjoy the performance of Kroke, who come from Poland.

On the other hand, it is interesting to bear in mind the performance by Mara Aranda on August 26, while the last concert will take place on September 2 and you can enjoy the music of the Irish dervishwhich is another of the reference options.

The price of tickets will be 14 euros for each of the concerts, while for 26 euros you can enjoy four concerts. They will take place in the outer enclosure of the headquarters of the UIB of Ibiza, right in the old Military Command. It IS a good proposal to make the summer holidays even more appealing, more complete and with the best atmosphere.

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