Notting Hill (London) And Portobello Market Essentials in London

Notting Hill, a movie neighborhood

there are many things what to see in Notting Hill one of the most interesting areas what to see in london

Deciding which area or area to visit in London can be more than complicated in one of the cities with the most attractions for travelers from all over the world and which also has a considerable size, so plan a route to visit it would be the most advisable.

They are many the points of interest to visit and despite the fact that the vast majority of enclaves that we tourists visit are in zone 1.

There are endless sites on other london areas in which the visit becomes an experience.

streets of notting hill

One of these places is found to the west of the city, in the famous Notting Hill neighborhood one of the most beautiful in the English capital, where the architectural style of their houses captures all eyes.

colored houses

Located near Hyde Park this neighborhood was the scene of a large part of the film Notting Hill, starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts which managed to catapult it to one of the most frequented tourist destinations by travelers visiting London.

colored victorian houses

colored victorian houses

Beyond his past in the “cinema”, Notting Hill, boasts one of the Victorian-style sets of houses most beautiful in the city and while we walked through its streets, we had in many moments A vision of San Francisco.

Currently , The neighborhood is considered one of the most important in terms of alternative culture beside Camden Town but it does not reach the “underground” point of the latter.

a movie place

a movie place

walk through the residential streets in many cases from the neighborhood , it becomes an excellent experience , where it is also advisable to get lost , to be able to enjoy some streets unconnected to tourism, where the colored houses dominate the panorama.

Notting Hill, has one of the most impressive carnivals in the world and what they say is the largest in all of Europe.

we can’t miss Kensington Cathedral.

One of the most interesting points of Nothing Hill, is the location of the portobello market.

If we walk through the neighborhood, we just have to go to the famous Portobello Road which “flows” directly into the market.

Portobello Road, in Nothing Hill

Portobello Road, in Notting Hill

If we walk down this street, we will meet shops of all kinds on both sides of the street, although unfortunately the vast majority are memorabilia and souvenirs which makes it lose a bit of authenticity.

Even so, in this area of ​​Notting Hill we can find some alternative stores selling second-hand clothes, vinyls etc…

streets of nothing hill

streets of nothing hill

The Portobello Market has a good number of shops of all kinds and on the right side an area where we can taste food from different countries.

Not as impressive as Camden Town it is worth visiting this crowded market , which reaches its maximum influx of people on Saturday mornings.

Food stalls in Portobello Market

Food stalls in Portobello Market

How to get

Getting to Nothing Hill is easy.

if we move by subway we can take the red line (center) the yellow (circle) wave green (District) and get off at the Notting Hill Gates station.

There are other nearby stations, but this is the most central.

As soon as we leave the subway, we can head towards Portobello Road and begin our tour, by one of the most beautiful neighborhoods to see in London.