Nusa Islands in Indonesia: an exotic place

Few tourists still dare to cross the Badung Strait in Indonesia. This, only 20 kilometers wide, separates Bali and one of its most charming archipelagos: the Nusa Islands. Thanks to this fact, the islands are known for their striking exotic landscapes, in which the footprint of man is not yet marked. Strolling through its beautiful beaches and tropical forests is one of the unforgettable experiences that can be had in Bali.

To get to the 3 islands, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningangan we will have, we will just have to take a ferry from Sanur port. In fact, this is a large part of the charm of the trip, since we will be able to travel between the islands on foot due to the shallow depth of these waters.

But beware, this fact does not mean that the Nusa Islands are a true paradise for lovers of water sports such as diving or surfing. Next, we offer you all the necessary information to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Nusa Lembongan

A curious fact that we think is important to contribute is that the word nusa means ‘island’ in Balinese; hence we have preferred to keep its original name. Furthermore, it is also important to mention that the Nusa islands do not stand out for their beaches, but for offering unique landscapes and the opportunity to dive in a practically virgin sea.

However, in Lembongan we can walk and enjoy the blue waters of the most famous beaches of the islands: Dream Beach (image above) and Mushroom Beach. We recommend you visit them from mid-afternoon to avoid the boats and walk more calmly among the remains of coral dragged by the waves.

In the same way, we can also go to Devil’s Tears, an incredible cliff formed around a small bay. Here we can enjoy and watch how the waves collide violently in a show worthy of photographing or recording.

To end, we recommend doing one of the most popular activities in Nusa Lembongan: visit the mangroves. Here we can rent a kayak to take a walk through the narrow channels that make up the mangrove and have the opportunity to see part of the fauna and flora of the Nusa Islands.

If you have more time, We also advise you to visit the algae growers arealocated on the south coast. These take advantage when the tide goes out to collect them. The algae obtained are processed for various uses, ranging from food to medicine or cosmetics.

Nusa Ceningan

Following the usual route of the trip, we leave Nusa Lembongan behind to head towards Nusa Ceningan. The best thing is that we only have to cross the Yellow Bridge, a bridge about 140 meters long and 2 meters wide. It is possible to cross it both on foot and by bicycle, or even by motorcycle.

As soon as we cross, we will be able to sit down in some of the picturesque style bars chill out, from where we can contemplate, if we wait for sunset, a maritime landscape that will leave us speechless.

Although Ceningan is the smallest island in this Bali archipelago, offers the alternative of strolling through Secret Beach, one of its star places, which has a salt pool. As we have already mentioned, the beaches of these islands are not a good place to swim due to the strong waves, but we can get our feet wet and relax.

Its cliffs near Blue Lagoon and Mahana Point are also knownfrom where the most daring can jump into the sea from 4 to 13 meters high.

nude penida

The last stop is Nuda Penida, the largest island. To get to it, you have to take a boat from the port of Nusa Lembongan. The journey is about 15 minutes, approximately.

Here is the famous beach of Kelingking Beach, a curious cove guarded by several limestone pinnacles. In fact, it is so impressive that few tourists dare to go down to it. However, it is really worth it to be able to enjoy this mythical landscape of the Bali islands, even if it is from above.

Another of the most interesting tourist places are the Angel’s Billabong, made up of several natural pools and from where we can walk, as long as the tide is low, to Broken Beach. On this beach we will find a natural rock arch, which is what gives the beach its name. We also recommend visiting Goa Giri Putri, a temple that is located inside a cave.

Lastly, and if we still haven’t had enough of these unique landscapes, we can go to Pulau Seribu, also known as the viewpoint of the thousand islands. And it is that the Nusa Islands are not just a corner for those who enjoy natural tourism, but a place to immortalize the natural beauty that we still preserve on the planet.

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