Oatman (Arizona) what to see and do in the town of donkeys on Route 66

What to see in Oatman, Arizona

obligatory stop in a trip down route 66 , otman It is one of those unforgettable places.

Located in the section of the Arizona Route 66 south of Las Vegas, in the mohave county there’s a lot What to do in Oatman United States.

Is old mining town fell into neglect for years, becoming one of those Ghost Town of the United States.

Over the years, it has been postulated as one of the top tourist attractions to see on Route 66 and one of the obligatory stops of this famous road nicknamed as The Mother Road.

a legendary place

during our free tour of the west coast and more specifically our mini route 66 we do not doubt visit Oatman Arizona.

A bit of history

Oatman, had its peak from the year 1915 when it was found in its surroundings a goldmine.

Very normal that during the time of Gold Rush places like this became settlements And they will attract a lot of people.

oatman what to see
wild west performance

The population became more than 3500 people which formed a prosperous town with a lot of work.

During the second decade of 1900, after the outbreak the Second World War and the mine exhausted of gold, mining activity ceased and with it work and future.

There was a great exodus leaving the town semi-abandoned.

During the 50’s known on Route 66 as the fabulous 50’s interest returned to discover how much what to see in oatman since it was inside the tour of Route 66.

What to visit in Oatman
mine museum

But luck was not on Oatman’s side and in mid-1953, with the construction of the Interstate the traffic was diverted condemning this municipality again to oblivion.

In the 60’s it was completely abandoned , and it was like that for decades , being one of those USA ghost towns known there as USA Ghost Towns.

what to do on route 66
gold donkey mythical establishment

Oathman today

The tourism it provides tour route 66 and its most emblematic places, has catapulted Oatman back.

his style of typical western town its constructions and the relaxed atmosphere , make it essential to get closer to discover What to see in Oatman

route 66
What to visit in Oatman

The restaurants and souvenir shops They are grouped on both sides of the main road, yes, watch out for the donkeys!

So currently it is highly recommended visit oatman during a travel along Route 66 in Arizona.

Oatman’s Donkeys

One of the great particularities offered by a trip to oathman is to enjoy the company of dozens of wild donkeys.

Donkeys at Oatman
Oatman’s Donkeys

Wandering his “roll” through the streets have become a standard of the population or a reason to visit for many tourists.

If we drive on the road we must exercise extreme caution as they continually cross from one side to the other.

donkeys arizona
Oatman’s Donkeys

what to see

The visit to this population will not take us more than 1 or 2 hours in which we will discover the main attractions What to see in Oatman in one day.

Oathman Hotel
old hotel

Besides famous donkeys of the population in this mining town , stands out the old hotel original from 1902 and that it is the oldest in the entire county.

ghost in the hotel

They say that in the Oatman Hotel there’s a ghost who walks through the corridors with complete tranquility.

known as Oatie they say is the spirit of an irish miner who died drunk, behind the hotel.

Currently in the hotel we can not sleep but if you visit its interior.

See the old post office either the salon are part of the things to do in oatman population located at 2700 feet high.

adorned and adorned with Route 66 grounds there are also recreations of cowboy duels, or Kan Kan dances.

What to see in the surroundings

We can enjoy fascinating places to visit near Oatman.

The city of Kingman It is one of the most important Route 66 stops is just 50 minutes.

ludlow It is located at 1.50 hours, Seligman at 1.45 hours and Williams at 2.20 hours.

What to see in Arizona
Surroundings to see in Oatman

In addition the surroundings to this old mining town They are wild and arid, honoring the land of Arizona.

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