Odda in Norway: a small town surrounded by nature

In the middle of a territory full of legends and a privileged landscape is the town of Odda, in Norway. Its spectacular views have gone around the world thanks to the fact that the Netflix series was filmed in this place Ragnarok; In this production, the theme of the Nordic gods and their apocalyptic end are mixed with modern themes: the environment and climate change.

On TV, Odda is Edda, and that’s a very clever play on words, because the poetic edda dating from the year 1000 AD is the work that recounts the “destiny of the gods” in the final battle.


Erik: Tell me, why do you think it is interesting and important that we study the Norse gods, especially here in Edda? Gry?

Gry: —Edda was the last people in Norway to convert to Christianity and therefore the last to renounce the Norse gods.

Erik: Right! And in a way, we can say that this is where it happened the ragnarok. World’s End.

—Ragnarök Chapter 1—

What can you see in Odda?

the town is located nestled on the Norwegian fjord route and in the middle of the Folgefonna National Park, so its impressive natural environment stands out. Mountains, fjords, glaciers and endless forests are part of the geography of the province of Hordaland. Here is Odda, located where the Sørfjorden arm of Hardanger Fjord ends.

Although it is a small town that does not have an airport or luxurious hotels, in recent years it has positioned itself as a place chosen by thousands of visitors who want to see with their own eyes the impressive landscapes that they saw on the screens from home.

Beyond that, Odda in Norway was already a well-known place among Scandinavians, since it is a destination with charming places to visit. Are we going to tour it?

Visit the village church Odda Kyrkje

Start your walk by visiting Odda Church, built in 1870, a little further south than the first stone church, which stood for more than 600 years and was demolished in 1869.

The parish church, of Nordic style, is in the center of the village. This stands out for its radiant white color, which contrasts with the intense green of the mountains.

Tour the old town

Quiet and with very little movement, the town invites you to explore it at a slow pace. The colorfully painted wooden houses and stone-lined streets transport you to a tale from the last century. In the park, you can even find a giant chess set to play!

Walk to Trolltunga

Trolltunga is creepy, fast-paced, unbelievable. Hold your breath to reach the end of this rock, a protruding structure on a cliff more than 100 meters high, from where the view of Lake Rindegal is a dream.

To go to Trolltunga you have to take a full day, since you have to travel a route of trekking which will take you 5 hours to go and 5 hours to return. Undoubtedly, it is a walk only suitable for people trained in outdoor walks.

Enjoy the Valley of the Cascades

Following route 13, there is a line of waterfalls called Tjørnadalsfoss, Strandfoss, Vidfoss, Espelandsfoss and Låtefoss. Here you can just observe this natural wonder or put on your favorite sneakers and hike along paths that are in excellent condition and that you will fully enjoy.

Taste the famous Hardanger cider

If you pass through Odda in the summer, you can take a boat trip on the fjord that includes the visit to a cider production area and an exquisite tasting. The microclimate of the area has become the perfect place to harvest unique apples to make high-quality cider. In fact, the hardanger cider is like champagne in France, protected designation of origin.

Glaciers and rivers in the Folgefonna National Park

The town of Odda in Norway is located in this national park, created in 2005. The main attractions of this protected area are the glaciers, which occupy an area of ​​207 square kilometers. The main ones are Nordfonna, Midtfonna and Sørfonna.

This is a territory whose natural beauty surprises at every step with icefalls, rushing rivers, glacial tongues and meadows that emerge from the snow every summer after the ice melts.

How to get to Oda

If you intend to travel to this charming town, we provide you with the information you need to get there. From the nearest major cities, you have to travel by car:

  • 135 kilometers —2 hours and a half— from Bergen.
  • 346 kilometers —5 to 6 hours— from Oslo.
  • 192 kilometers —3 hours and a half— from Stavanger.
  • 132 kilometers —2 hours and a half— from Haugesund.

If you travel in winter, remember to take special tires and chains. In case you prefer to travel by bus, you can get there from Bergen, Voss, Oslo, Sandefjord, Larvik, Kristiansand and Haugesund, through different companies.

On the other hand, by train and by boat it is possible to arrive at nearby places, but you always have to get a bus to Odda afterwards. The same for the airports, since the closest ones are Haugesund (HAU) and Bergen (BGO).

Odda in Norway: nature at its best

The Norwegian fjords are places of extraordinary beauty, where nature gives visitors incredible views. If you are a lover of tourism combined with sports outdoor such as hiking, mountaineering, climbing, rafting and fishing, this place is the one for your next vacation.

Here you will find in each tour a perfect mix of intense greens and blues, combined with the fresh air of the sea, the immensity of the glaciers and endless picturesque towns to visit.

Odda in Norway is part of this landscape, but there are many more in these impressive valleys. If you want to have a different experience, plan a trip to the fjords and go through the mythical Odda.

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