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The Ojo Guareña Natural Monument is a karstic complex with an extension of more than 100 kilometers. It is an impressive set of caves located in the province of Burgos, whose formation we owe to the Guareña and Trema rivers. This is a magical place that you cannot miss if you are a lover of nature and history.

What is the Ojo Guareña complex?

As we have already pointed out, Ojo Guareña is a natural complex located in a mountainous massif. It is the second largest karstic complex in the caves of the Iberian Peninsula and is located in the province of Burgos. Specifically, it takes place in the municipalities of Espinosa de los Monteros, Merindad de Montija and Merindad de Sotoscueva.


Its formation began millions of years ago and has meant a constant process of erosion by several rivers, which have gradually pierced the mountain.

The result has been more than 100 kilometers of galleries, grottoes and caves of great cultural interest. Both prehistoric and modern man found refuge in them, and hence it is a place rich in archaeological and historical information, but also natural and ecological.

Ojo Guareña is located on the southern slope of the Cantabrian Mountains; Its shape is that of a rocky fringe that rests on a substrate of loamy soils and clayey limestone.

The latter is essential, because in these lands the Guareña and Trema rivers found the perfect place to enter the interior of this massif dating from the Upper Cretaceous.

What to see in the Ojo Guareña Natural Monument

In this complex, we will be able to enjoy nature in its wild state, impressive viewpoints, caves that were a refuge and sanctuary for people from Burgos, and a hermitage, which is one of the most beautiful and unique that can be found in the province of Burgos.

Spectacular scenery

The Ojo Guareña Natural Complex is located within a mountainous massif pierced by rivers in which the vegetation develops freely. In this, you can find numerous viewpoints, hiking trails and various spaces for adventure sports.

Thus, Ojo de Guareña is an ideal space to enjoy nature in all its splendor. Among the viewpoints, we recommend the Alto Concha Viewpoint, the Retuerta Viewpoint and the Pico del Cuerno Viewpoint. However, wherever you look, you can have incredible views.

The set of caves of the Natural Monument of Ojo Guareña

If you are a lover of speleology, archeology and adventure, the set of caves that the Natural Monument of Ojo Guareña has is the right place for you to spend a spectacular day. This enclave has an extensive network of galleries, caves and grottoes that are a marvel.

Several prehistoric sanctuaries have been found there with thousands of archaeological remains. For example, human and animal bone remains, invertebrate species, fossils and stone remains are some of the traces that man has left in this set of caves. This is also why these caves are of great morphological, scientific, hydrological and educational interest.

The Hermitage Cave of San Tirso and San Bernabé

It is without a doubt, the most famous image of this Ojo Guareña Natural Monument. It is a cave that has been used to build a beautiful hermitage in it.

Its dating is still a mystery, but what does seem clear is that it was one of the most important caves in the complex since the Paleolithic, due to the remains that have been found in it. The others are, for some researchers, from between the 8th and 9th centuries, and for others, from the 13th century.

It seems that its function during these centuries would have been first as a hermitage and later as a hermitage. On the outside, it has a beautiful facade with three doorways made of ashlar that conform to the openings of the galleries in which this hermitage is developed.

While, Inside there is a vault covered with paintings that narrates the life, miracles and martyrdom of the saints. to whom this hermitage is dedicated, made between the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ojo Guareña: pure history in Spain

In short, this place is one that all lovers of history and archeology should visit at some point. In addition, it is not far behind in terms of beauty, which fascinates those who visit it.

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