One of Cape Town’s oldest streets

Cape Town is one of the most important and populated cities in South Africa. Also a popular destination for the multiculturalism that is breathed in it and for its fabulous surroundings. Today let’s walk through one of the most charming places in Cape Town, Long Street, one of its oldest streets. Pay attention!

Cape Town, a place with a lot to offer

Johannesburg and Cape Town are the two largest and most important cities in South Africa. For centuries, this region of the African continent it was a place of disputes between the European powers.

Cape of Good Hope

Close to Cape Town is the Cape of Good Hope. This geographical feature was considered the beginning of the end of the world, as it was the southernmost point of the continent. The existence of Antarctica was not known, so it was thought to be the last place on the planet.

Not only that, but also this was an important border point connecting the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Therefore, dominating this area would allow control of commercial traffic between Asia and Europe.

For centuries, expeditions used to stop in Cape Town to rest from travel and, incidentally, to exchange products. Thus, the city became an economic, social and cultural center. Today that splendor can still be perceived in its streets, like the one we are going to visit.

Knowing Cape Town: Long Street

If you dare to visit Cape Town, you will discover that, as is the case with the Ramblas in Barcelona or Fifth Avenue in New York, there is a magical street where all the life in the city is concentrated.

In Cape Town this street is called Long Street. This is not only the main street of the city, it is also one of the oldest, since emerged at the same time as the birth of the city.

What’s on Long Street?

Long Street

Long Street is located in the center of Cape Town. It is the nucleus in which the multiple cultures that come together in this fabulous South African city are concentrated.

It has a length of 3.8 kilometers. An endless street in which diverse restaurants, bars and pubs where you can enjoy all the dishes and drinks of the diverse gastronomy of Cape Town.

In addition, on this street there are many local businesses where handicrafts are sold. All African art is concentrated in this street and is at your fingertips. Precisely, Long Street is considered to be the perfect place to go shopping in the city.

Surely, in one of these businesses you will find that little piece of Africa to keep as a souvenir of your trip. The prices are quite affordable and businesses are housed in victorian-style buildings. That is precisely the hallmark that these streets were born during the nineteenth century and British influence.

Why visit Long Street?

Building on Long Street – NegativeC/Wikimedia Commons

It is true that in Cape Town you have a lot to see, from Table Mountain, to its beaches or its port. But Long Street preserves the essence of everything that is the city and the country. Being such a varied place, you will be surprised by the cultural richness that you can find in four kilometers long.

Also, It is the main entertainment center. You won’t be able to say no to a cocktail on a private terrace, a dance with traditional music or a handmade mask to hang in your home. In some places there are even exclusive parties and different restaurants that you will not be able to enjoy anywhere in the world.

Everything that surrounds Long Street is wrapped in its multicultural essence. For this reason, we do not advise you to leave Cape Town without having enjoyed a walk along this important street. Both day and night, its atmosphere will leave you pleasantly surprised. Now you know! Live an unforgettable vacation almost at the end of the world.

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