Options to enjoy the mystery in London

The city of London is home to a large number of places with mysteries that you can visit for this Halloween and enjoy the city.

The London city is a destination with a lot of mystery and allows tourists to enjoy great possibilities and more now that Halloween is approaching. If you like mystery and history, then the capital of the United Kingdom will be fascinating to be able to escapewhen it is possible.

St. Dunstan’s Church

Is St. Dunstan church has a lot of mystery, because it is a medieval building and is located between the Tower of London and the London Bridge, quite mysterious places. During the day it can be very interesting area to visit, but nothing recommended during the night. There are still parts that survived the Great Fire or a German bomb during the war.

You can find the location of St. Dunstan Church by following this link.

Agatha Christie tour

If you like mysteries and police novels, I’m sure you’ll love Agatha Christie’s. You can take a complete tour to learn more about the scenarios that inspired the novelist to write her novels. It is a form of experience intensely the mystery in London and tour different places like Chinatown.

You can find the location of Chinatown London by following this link.

Handel and Hendrix Museum

The Handel and Hendrix Museum it is a place known as Mayfair that is dedicated to both composer Handel and guitarist Jimi Hendrix. The most mysterious thing is that it is said to be enchanted, it even had to call a priest to perform an exorcism.

You can find the location of the Handel and Hendrix Museum by following this link.

Aldwych Underground Station

At the time it was a subway tunnel but it is currently closed. It’s about the Aldwych underground stationwhich was also used as air-raid shelter during the Blitz. It is said that she is haunted, has been the subject of investigation and different movies have been shot in the area. The appearance that it has, totally lonely, invites the belief of the existence of ghosts, which run through this tunnel.

You can find the location of Aldwych Underground by following this link.

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