Organize a trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest on your own

Organized trips offer many comforts, because you just have to pay and let yourself go. However, for experienced travelers, traveling on your own is the best option to go to the places you want and at the time that suits you best. Today we explain how to organize a trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest on your own.

Organize your own trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest

To organize a trip on your own, and if you want everything to go great, you will have to take into account several aspects. Here we advise you where to start:

Choose the season

Prague in winter

The first thing you have to think about before embarking on this adventure to get to know Prague, Vienna and Budapest is when you want to do it. If you choose winter you should be aware that this season is harsh there and difficult because of the heavy snowfalls and how cold it is.

Nevertheless, Christmas decorations and markets offer you a wonderful show that you will not be able to see at any other time of the year. Also, if you avoid the central dates of Christmas, the trip will be cheaper. It’s up to you…

If you choose summer, the heat is not as suffocating as in other countries. Nevertheless, the summer months are high season And with them come the crowds. You will have no choice but to endure waiting to enter the main attractions.

Us We advise you to choose spring or autumn. These are less crowded times and in which, in addition, you will have an extra postcard with the landscapes, colorful or orange and brown for the autumn season.

How will you go?

Hofburg Palace in Vienna

Car, train, bus or plane? It all depends on your circumstances and how much time you have to enjoy your vacation. If you have time to spare and want to enjoy the landscapes of the route, nothing better than choosing a means of transport by land. The bus, and especially the train, would be a good option.

If you also like to drive and want to visit small towns or hidden corners, nothing better than the car. The plane is the best option if you like to be comfortable and not waste too much time traveling, or if you only have a few days to enjoy your destination.

And to travel between Prague, Vienna and Budapest? It is best to do it by train. It’s cheap, fast, and you’ll enjoy everything along the way. The longest journey is from Prague to Vienna, which takes about four hours. Vienna-Budapest is two hours and forty minutes.

how many days do you need

If you want to leisurely see these three wonderful cities that are full of charm and history, We recommend that you go for at least ten days. In this way you will be able to spend three days in each city and the day that is left will be the one that you will use for the trips from one to another.


It is best to plan everything in advance. You may be interested in spending one more day in one of the cities. Check well what you want to visit and make your own itinerary.

where to stay


Depending on the city you must choose one location or another. Prague, for example, is a small city, so being close to the center is feasible. The Czech capital’s Stare Mesto and Nova Mesto neighborhoods are affordable and practical to move around the city.

In Vienna things change because it is a huge city, but its excellent transport network makes it easy to get anywhere. The Viennese neighborhoods of Wieden and Margareten are practical to access the central train station and the metro.

Budapest, as its name indicates, is made up of two parts, Buda and Pest. The first is the most stately and expensive, so staying in Pest will be the best option to save you money and be well located.

If you keep these tips in mind, making a trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest on your own will be easier than you think. Remember that when traveling abroad, the best is always pay with credit or debit cards. And remember to wear comfortable shoes, because you will be walking a lot, a lot.

Are you ready for your next trip? Then tell us how it went… I’m sure you’ll come back delighted.

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