Oviedo Cathedral, a jewel of Spanish Gothic

Oviedo Cathedral is one of the Gothic cathedrals that populate the north of Spain. Also known as Sancta Ovetensisthe Holy Church Basilica Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador de Oviedo presides over the historic center of this Asturian city. In it you can visit the Holy Chamber, the last vestige of the royal palace of Alfonso II el Casto.

Pieces of the history of the cathedral of Oviedo

Oviedo Cathedral is an architectural and monumental complex of great quality. Construction began in the 13th century. However, this cathedral has elements prior to that century, since it was erected in place of the previous Romanesque church. It also has elements belonging to other buildings, such as the Royal Palace of Asturias.

The temple was completed in the 18th century, so it has parts built in Renaissance and Baroque style. Despite this, what predominates is the Gothic style.

What to see in the cathedral of Oviedo

The one in the Asturian capital is a cathedral of enormous beauty in which there are different spaces that you cannot miss. We briefly talk about some of them.

the gothic temple

It is a Gothic-style cathedral that we owe to the efforts of Bishop Gutierre de Toledo. The architects in charge of the temple were Juan de Badajoz el Viejo, Juan de Candamo de las Tablas and Pedro Bunyeres, as well as Bartolomé Solorzano.

It has a Latin cross plan formed by three naves, of which the central one is wider and higher. Originally it had a triple apse with a semicircular apse., but during the Baroque it was transformed and today we can find an ambulatory with chapels. In the side naves you can find chapels such as those of Santa Bárbara, San Martín de Tours or Santo Cristo de Velarde.


Outside, the portico designed by Juan de Badajoz stands out, giving access to Oviedo Cathedral through three doors, all of them lavishly decorated.

A) Yes, on the main door we find a relief of the Transfiguration flanked by bas-relief sculptures of the kings Fruela I and Alfonso II el Casto and medallions with the Child Jesus and Saint John the Child. Meanwhile, Santa Eulalia and San Salvador are represented on the walnut doors.

Also, Outside, the Gothic tower also stands out.. It is the only tower that was built of the two projected. It is a work that is due to the hand of Rofrigo Gil de Hontañón on a project by Juan de Badajoz and that stands out for its 80 meters high and for its beautiful pinnacle.

The Holy Chamber

These are two cameras that do not communicate with each other and are located in the tower of San Miguel. The lower one is the crypt of Santa Leocadia and the upper one is the one of San Miguel. It is one of the few vestiges that remain of the palace of the kings of Asturias. It is declared a World Heritage Site as part of the Asturian pre-Romanesque.

It was ordered to be built by King Alfonso II the Chaste and its purpose was to preserve the relics that it was going to bring from Montsacro. These relics had managed to get rid of the advance of the Muslims and among them is the Holy Shroud, a canvas that according to Christian tradition was placed on the face of Christ when he lowered it from the cross.

The cloister of the cathedral of Oviedo

The cloister of the cathedral of Oviedo is the place where the Gothic cathedral began to be built. It replaced the Romanesque and has a second floor built in the Baroque style. Thus, its construction lasted from the year 1300 to the 18th century.

In it you will find a recreation of paradise. This is the reason why in its center there is a fountain with four pipes that represent the four rivers of Eden.

From this cloister you can access the chapter house and one of the most important rooms for the history of the cathedral of Oviedo: the archive. The entrance to this space is carried out through a baroque door that is due to José Bernardo de la Meana.

The tourist visit to the cathedral of Oviedo can be made from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. In the months of July and August the hours are extended until 19:00. On the other hand, it has several entrance fees that include an audio guide service.

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