Paella Day will be celebrated on September 20

To vindicate the traditional recipe for paella, World Paella Day will be celebrated on September 20 and you can enjoy this dish

If there is a dish that has the honor of being the national dish of Spain, that is the paella. A dish that the Valencians defend tooth and nail and that not everyone is capable of preparing correctly. In fact, authentic atrocities have been done with the recipe, which the Valencians hate and denounce whenever they can and to those who call it «rice with things«. We have in mind the atrocities done by Jamie Olivier or even by the known Gordon Ramseyso the Valencians have decided share the original recipe with everyone and therefore the September 20 will be held on International Paella Day.

This celebration will allow the original plate be better known and forget about gastronomic experiments that they have little to do with the authentic paella. The Paella Day initiative is part of the Valencia City Council, the Valencia Tourism Foundation, the Valencian Tourism Agency, the Valencia Hospitality Business Federation, Wikipaella, the DO Arroz de València, the Sueca International Paella Competition and Paella Today . Together, they want that day to be when paella becomes the dish that is enjoyed everywhere.

In it #Worldpaelladaywhich is the hashtag that you want to promote for the day September 20, will have several events in different places so that paella is recognized and has the value it deserves. The month of September has been chosen because it is during that month when several paella related events.

Among them stands out the Sueca International Paella Competitionwhich is celebrated on September 16, the MadeinCV Rice Days in Valencia or the Rice Harvest Festival in the Albufera Natural Park. Thus, International Paella Day will take place during a month in which rice is the absolute protagonist.

During that day, September 20, an effort will be made to ensure that the dish served in all restaurants, schools, company canteens, hospitals, Congress and the Senate, to name just a few, is the traditional paella recipe. Thus, the Valencians have managed not only to create an emoji with their star dish, but also to take it to all corners of the world. Will this prevent any crime against the palate?

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