Panama prepares an investment to promote itself

Panama announces a new investment to be able to promote the tourism sector for the year 2018.

Investing in tourism is essential to make yourself known and for potential tourists may take into account a certain country when choosing a destination. Panama intends to consolidate the tourism sector over the coming months and for this it is preparing a new investment for the coming months.

Panama will invest some 20 million dollars in tourism promotionThe International Tourism Promotion Fund of the Central American country will be in charge of carrying out promotional activities to publicize the main attractions of the Panamanian country. It will start operating from the month of August and will have a budget for its activity of around 20 million dollars, which is enough to cover the year 2018.

In this sense, it is important to improve different aspects of tourism in order to advance in the coming months. Is a investment that comes from the Central Government itself and also from the Panamanian municipalities, as well as an important contribution from the private sector. Together it is intended to publicize the best charms of Panama.

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In terms of tourism, it is essential to move forward so that the hotel occupancy It can improve since it has had a fairly low percentage in recent months and logically this is something very negative for hotel activity, both in the capital and in large cities. With an improvement in the international promotion of tourism, it is hoped that this problem will be solved.

Let’s remember that for Panama It is essential to advance in tourism because it represents 10% of the gross domestic product, so continuing to grow in the number of tourists and income is essential.

The capital is currently one of the places of reference is City of Panamaa modern destination that offers a series of quite interesting hotels for tourists who travel with their families and for those who make business trips, which is one of the fundamental segments that should be promoted soon.

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