Paris in two days with the tourist bus

Paris gives for many days, but its proximity allows you to make a getaway from time to time to the City of Light and it is important to let yourself go and enjoy

Paris It is one of the cities that receives the most visitors at the end of the year. It’s not weird, because it’s about one of the most touristic places and that it has hundreds of places that you have to know. Paris is close enough to make a getaway without problems and enjoy two or three days to feel good in this great city. Let’s see what we can see in two days, with a tour that can take us to see many of these places, at our own pace and without rushing.

The best thing in a getaway is arrive early in the morning and do the check in as soon as possible. Once located in the hotel, it is time to start get to know paris and take a complete tour so as not to miss, at least, the most important thing. Paris is a big city, which offers many opportunities to enjoy and it takes time to feel part of it. We are going to organize a two-day route, but taking time to discover those wonderful corners. If we miss something, we can always come back later.

First day, walking the streets of Paris

In two days it may not give us much time to fully enjoy the city, but We will visit the main points of interest and that although we can only see them from the outside, it is something that fills and makes you better understand the magic that Paris has. You can start by talking about the way we can move around the city. One of the most recommended options is to travel on Big Bus Tours or Open Tour Paris, since in this way you have a route that reaches the most interesting points and saves a lot of time.

A good way to start is by visiting the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris. Once in the Tower you can access any of the three levelsacquiring a ticket in the ticket offices located at the base of the same. Attention, because you can access the stairs to the first level and that is free. Obviously, it’s best to take the elevator up and stop at the three viewpoints. We must not forget the last one, of course, which is the one that offers the most spectacular image.

Of the Eiffel Tower you can get up Les Invalideswhere is the Napoleon Bonaparte tomb. You can go inside and see the Emperor’s mausoleum, although if time is short, perhaps it would be better to continue with the route and reach the Arc de Triomphe. This construction, located on Les Champs Elysees, also offers a spectacular image of Paris from the top.

After strolling through this exclusive Parisian avenue, you can take the tourist bus again and reach the Notre-Damme area. These years, we already know, the area will not be the same, but you have to discover this magnificent cathedral that is being renovated and built again after the fire that broke out with it.

From this area you have to take the tourist bus again and get to Mont-Martre. This bohemian neighborhood captivates and during the afternoon is when we can feel more integrated in it. In the early afternoon you can take the Montmartre Funicular and go up to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, which, in addition to how impressive the building is, is one of the most impressive viewpoints in the city.

going down the streets of montmartre You breathe art and the presence of artists, who have made this Parisian district their base of operations. In the Montmartre district We can also find a more than well-known place: the Moulin Rouge. You can attend the show or, if you prefer, you can dine and enjoy a drink in any of the other places that we find there. And, after dinner, to rest, to face a new day visiting Paris.

Paris Moulin Rouge

Second day, discovering the past of Paris

The second day can also be taken easy and visit paris thinking of enjoy the experience and don’t rush. The Louvre Museum is a good option to start. The visit inside the museum can take many hours, since it is not only immense, but it can also be full of visitors that can make the visit difficult. Walk around the outside of the Louvre Museumadmiring the set of fountains and the glass pyramid is a delight that should not be missed.

The streets of paris they hide many surprises, so walking through them is not at all something to disdain. You can also choose to visit the cemeteries of Paris. Far from being macabre visits, in the cemeteries of Paris you can visit the tombs of famous people from all eras. In the Père-Lachaise cemetery there are the graves of Moliere, Oscar Wilde, Rossini, Chopin, Maria Callas, Edith Piaf and what is possibly the most visited tomb in the world, that of Jim Morrison.

Tomb Napoleon Paris

Other tombs can be found in other cemeteries in Paris, such as those of jean paul sartre Y Simone de Beauvoir in Montparnasse or Émile Zola, Ernest Renan, Stendhal, Alexandre Dumas Jr. and Heinrich Heine in Montmartre. Another place to visit famous people is the pantheonwhere they are buried Marie Curie, Victor Hugo, Russeau and Alexandre Dumas. little bits of Universal history that we can get to know a little better during our two-day visit to Paris.

It is important to let yourself be carried away by the moment and between one place and another, there are lots of opportunities to see new placescorners to get lost in and enjoy all the magic that the city offers. City of Light.

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