Parque Berrío, a must-see in Medellín

Medellín has many interesting and attractive places, such as Parque Berrío, one of the essential visits for those who choose to visit the Colombian city.

When making a trip through Colombian lands it is interesting to enjoy the green areas that are offered throughout the territory, which allows tourists to enjoy a vacation outdoors and relax. Inside of Medellin city we find an excellent place as is the case of Parque Berrío, highly recommended for all visitors.

Parque Berrío is located in the heart of the city of MedellínThis is an excellent park because it is located in the heart of the city. It is a park that bears the name of Pedro Justo Berrío, who was one of the most important and emblematic politicians of the 19th century and is still highly recognized after the passage of time.

Near the place there is a metro station and tourists can enjoy with the Basilica of La Candelaria, which is an important religious construction that must be seen during the holidays. Originally, this green area was inaugurated in the mid-17th century and over time it has undergone some transformations and has become a reference site.

Walking in the park

You can see the statue of Pedro Justo Berrio in this area of ​​the park and it is highly recommended for couples and families to have the opportunity to share a quiet time in Colombian lands. You can see modern houses because throughout the first half of the 20th century there were some fires that destroyed the old buildings.

Historically it is an interesting place since throughout the century 18th and 19th century It was a public market and citizens gathered to do their shopping. From 1980 it began to transform intensely with the design it has today.

Best of all, you can take a ride in bike around, sitting on the benches to talk with the family and enjoy the atmosphere, as well as being able to take pictures and take home a nice memory of our time in Medellín. By the way we can visit the Botero Park, which is located a few steps from this place.

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