Penha Garcia: the Templários village to discover in the Center of Portugal

In the center of Portugal, the small village of Penha Garcia is known for the presence of iconophosseis, which are fossils of ancient organisms, such as remains of glued eggs, eggs, tunnels and até from galleries of rooms from other times. But there is much more to see in this magnificent location and our surroundings, as you will be able to see in this article. Therefore, we cannot fail to recommend, from now on, a visit.

As origins da aldeia perderam-se no tempo. Or that it is known that it was the seat of the municipality and that D. Dinis two Templários, who left his mark here, still visible, as his castle.

This Templar heritage is also today a source of development, and proves it is the medieval fair, which runs annually on the streets of this town. And for this reason, despite being a small parish of Idanha-a-Nova, Penha Garcia had a lot to offer, both years of its inhabitants, and years of visitors.

penha garcia

For example, if you are not into trails and walks, you cannot miss Rota dos Fósseis, which extends over 3 km, a fairly accessible route. The route begins at the entrance of the village, and continues towards Igreja Matriz and the castle, from where you will have incredible views.

You will also have the opportunity to observe marks, which will be preserved in the sedimentary rocks, as well as the small population of painted cobras. Another place to visit is the Castelo dos Templários, built in the reign of D. Sancho I, to help protect the Portuguese border. Despite the climb up to the castle being accessible, you can become a little hardy, so you should wear comfortable shoes.

Associated with the muralhas of the castle, there is a legend well known in the region, which tells us that the ghost of the former warden of the castle, D. Garcia, still wanders around here, thanks to a love story.

The warden kidnapped the son of Monsanto’s governor, D. Branca, for being madly in love with her. No meanwhile, D. Garcia was captured and sentenced to death. But D. Branca interceded for him, and the sentence was reduced, having been sentenced to serve without an arm, being for isso that still today and known for “or decepado”.

penha garcia
penha garcia

You can also not miss visiting the Geopark Naturtejo, the first Portuguese park to integrate the World Network of Geoparks of UNESCO. This geopark has an excellent location and access, with more than 5,000 km2 of land to discover, encompassing 7 different towns.

The space is endowed with excellent infrastructures and services, which will allow you to discover some special routes in the enchanted world of birds. You will also be able to frequent more specific routes, such as two vestiges of the Templars or rock art in the region, or even do mountain biking routes.

You can not miss visiting also the capella do Espírito Santo, which is located on the top of the town, and has an asymmetrical façade and a gothic arch in the capella-mor, which proves its antiquity.

Finally, we cannot fail to recommend a visit to Praia Fluvial do Pego, which stands out for being a place of great beauty, where the Ponsul River falls in a waterfall for the Açude do Pego, a feita pelo Homem work. Likewise, the river water is withdrawn in a refreshing lake, perfect for mergullhos in relative safety during the hot weather.

Another great highlight goes to the region’s gastronomy, which gives us dishes such as kid stew, grão soup with massa, or gaspacho, migas or wild boar stew.

You will be able to experience these delicacies in various typical restaurants of the region, always with excellent results. Therefore, you will have the perfect pretext to replenish energy after traveling to town!