Perfect plans with your partner in Barcelona: romance everywhere

Barcelona is a dream city. Its sea air, its exquisite gastronomy, the history that is breathed in old neighborhoods such as La Ribera and the energy of Antonio Gaudí that can be seen in its architecture and art, conquer travelers from all over the world. But in addition to being the ideal Spanish city for lovers of art and the sea, it is also one of the best places in the world for love. If you travel with your partner to Barcelona, ​​take a look at these plans that will help you see the most romantic side of Barcelona. Let us begin!

The best 6 romantic plans in Barcelona

1. Give a good massage

Massages in Barcelona are one of our favorite plans. Simply, because they combine the leisure of the holidays with the pleasure of the senses. If you travel as a couple, massages are an excellent opportunity to enhance the sense of touch, relaxation of the body and peace of mind. Sharing it with your loved one will be a renewing experience.

If this plan catches your attention, Ambrosia Spa is one of the best alternatives in the city. From traditional therapeutic massages to exotic and sensual oriental massages, You can choose the one that you and your partner like best. In addition, when leaving your massage session you can enjoy a walk along the beautiful Paseo de la Gracia, or have a drink in one of the bars in the area.

2. Walk the street of kisses

Is there anything more romantic than making out with your partner on a street called that way? Well, if you want to live this experience and collect it in your memory, you will have to visit Barcelona.

We confess that the origin of the name has nothing romantic. In fact, it is said that this was the place where those sentenced to death said goodbye to their families. However, modernity gave it another meaning. Today the street of kisses, a small alley located near the Arc del Triomf, is an emblem of lovers of the city.

3. Take a boat ride through the Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park

Another of the most beautiful plans to enjoy Barcelona with your love is to take a sweet boat ride through Ciutadella Park. The entire park itself is a work of art, with landscapes and corners where you will want to take a thousand pictures.

Among its most emblematic points is the Umbracle, a 128-year-old brick building with a wooden roof. If you or your love like plants, inside you will find species from all corners of the world. But without a doubt, the best thing for romance is to go for a boat ride, and then have a picnic in the open air.

4. Plan a romantic dinner at Mirador Fabra

If you and your love are lovers of good food, and are also lucky enough to visit Barcelona in the summer, the proposal for a dinner with a view of the stars will undoubtedly seduce you. This is a special evening, in which you can dine on a terrace with fantastic views of the city.d. But it does not end there, but after dinner you can tour the museum and gaze at the stars through a beautiful century-old telescope.

5. Go on a hot air balloon ride

In Barcelona there are plans and options for all tastes. From the quietest couples to the most adventurous, they will find reasons to fall in love with Barcelona. But if you count yourself among those who make up the second group, you will love the plan to take a balloon trip.

To make this super fun ride You will have to get to the town of Cardadeu, about thirty minutes by car from the center of Barcelona. There you can rise to more than a thousand meters high, and enjoy the city in an original and fun way. You can even pilot the balloon yourself for a few minutes, if you wish.

6. Take a walk through the Gothic Quarter

massages in barcelona

And we close our tour of the best romantic plans to enjoy Barcelona, ​​with a classic that never fails. It is about taking a walk through the Gothic Quarter, one of the most emblematic of the city.

Our suggestion is that you start the tour in the Plaza de Sant Felipe Neri, with its fountain and surrounded by Renaissance-style houses. Stop at the church, which still bears the remains of a bomb dropped during the Spanish Civil War.

If you go a little further you will reach one of the best places in all of Barcelona: the imposing and austere basilica of Santa María del Mar, built by the fishermen and financed by the parishioners themselves. At the end, you can stop at one of the typical bars in the area, to enjoy the tapas and cañas that you will love. In short, Barcelona is a city to fall in love with.