Personalized calendar with photos, the gift to succeed at Christmas

Yes, Christmas is approaching, street lights are starting to come on and decorated fir trees are going up, Christmas carols are being played and nativity scenes are in the shop windows. The holidays are coming and with them the opportunity to meet with family and friends, to celebrate dinners and, let’s get to the point, to give each other gifts. Multiplied, moreover, because if in the past we could wait for the Three Kings in January, now Santa Claus also makes his rounds in December… And since this is not a fantastic tale or a family movie, we know that we cannot wait for these figures to come true and get us out of the quagmire, so, once again, we have to rack our brains in search of something original. So here we have a proposal: a personalized calendar with photos.

For some time now, photo calendars have become a success; a true trend ubiquitous in photographic studios and the Internet. And it is not for less, since they offer the possibility of making a gift with the three bes -good, beautiful and cheap-, to which the practical and personal pes could be added, as well as the original o. And also with the possibility of specifying every last detail, be it the images, the format, the support, the size… adapting it to the recipient. It would be a tailor-made gift, not only physically but also emotionally.

The best memories of the year, or of a lifetime, or whatever you prefer, together in an almanac. Those snapshots that take you back to happy, fun, shocking, endearing, affectionate, exciting moments; those snapshots, we say, that are now stored in a folder on the computer or in the cloud (or, why not, those other old ones on paper that are at risk of spoiling), and that can come to materialize, printing them to see them regularly on the wall or on a table.

Entering the CEWE website, the leading European company in photographic printing since 1961, you will find all this versatility in a complete range of options for spiral-bound photo wall calendars, from the classic A2 to the horizontal XXL for panoramic photos, passing for A3, A4, A5 and squares. In turn, you can choose between four qualities of paper and with a variable start month, and can be complemented with extra elements such as a wooden support or a gift envelope (with several models to choose from) with FSC certification.

If you prefer a customizable desktop calendar, the possibilities are the typical square model, the horizontal one (landscape, extra-long) and the ecological one (with recycled paper and a wooden support instead of a spiral one, since it is vertical). As in the previous case, the variants branch out by being able to choose the design, font type and color, space for annotations, gloss or matte, etc.

All this is feasible in a few minutes and without leaving home (or from any other place, if you enter the CEWE mobile app). All you have to do is enter the official website, go to the online creation program (compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac) and select what you want from the drop-downs: type of photographic calendar, size, paper, orientation, support, envelope and start date. A default template to choose from allows you to customize each page, in addition to uploading each photo (which, obviously, must be chosen and prepared).

Then you just have to pay and wait for home delivery, which normally takes six or seven days, leaving you ready to give away… and succeed. Customizing a calendar has never been so easy.