Personalized calendars with photos that will accompany you for 12 months

Summer is over; Autumn has arrived and soon we will see a new year, constituting another stage in that continuous cycle that is our life and that every September experiences a renewal. For many, this implies ending the holidays (or taking them now) and returning to the routine: work, classes…, with everything that entails. It is time to start thinking about gifts and details for birthdays, parties, graduations and retirements, something that some will try to do in the most original way possible. So here we leave a perfect idea adaptable to all ages and situations: a personalized photo calendar, thanks to PhotoSi.

PhotoSi has been dedicated to photographic printing since 1973, being the best known and most appreciated Italian brand in the field of photography. Its website offers an application to materialize this or other similar personalization ideas (albums, cushions, magnets, t-shirts, cards, etc.), or simply make and/or print copies, always with the advantage of the photos provided by the client. The added advantage is that it does not need to be moved.

PhotoSi’s work is used to make a unique gift on all kinds of occasions, from baptisms to Valentine’s Day, through anniversaries, Christmas, weddings, communions, Father’s or Mother’s Day… Also, of course, to give yourself a gift: yes We have to consult the almanac every so often. Isn’t it better if it is illustrated with something personal? Not to mention the decorative character it acquires.

Anyone who has not yet thought of making a calendar with their own photos now has the chance. It does not matter if it is for oneself or to give as a gift; In both cases there is a guarantee of satisfaction, one’s own in the first and another’s in the second. Now that digital photography has popularized its practice, turning us all into impromptu vocational photographers, it is possible to make a selection of the twelve best images -or the most beloved, or the funniest…- and incorporate them into a calendar, whether on the wall or table, with one for the whole year or one per month, individualized or in mosaic, as preferred.

In other words, there are formats for all tastes and they do not have to be limited to paper, since they can even be captured on canvas with a wooden frame, something especially suitable for giving as a gift or decorating the home with a photo of the newborn baby, that of the child who turns one more spring, that of grandparents, that magnificent summer landscape, a couple, the whole family, even the pet… Or all together, in collage. Here there are no fixed rules and that is the good thing; any idea is feasible and legitimate.

It’s simple, fast and online. It is only required to enter the page, go to the section calendars and choose between a monthly calendar (twelve glossy or matte pages plus a cover, spiral binding and hanging hook), a desk calendar (twelve pages with a writing back and a wooden pedestal) or an annual calendar (printed on a sheet of matte photographic paper with ribbons to hang). Next, you also have to opt for one of the graphic themes for your final look.

Once all this has been decided, the button is pressed Create now to select the photos to embed. You should make sure that they are well centered, for which you click on them and move by dragging them up/down, left/right and forward/back. Do not forget to check the type of design so that everything is perfect. Once it is finished, the button is given Keep and added to the shopping cart. The product is received in less than two weeks, approximately.

In this way, these very special images will become part of a singular calendar that will stay with us for twelve months, recalling unique moments, unforgettable experiences, memorable sensations. And next year a different one, because it’s as easy as wishing.