Pink sea, a jewel in Galerazamba

Galerazamba is a population located in the Colombian municipality of Santa Catalina, in the department of Bolívar. The main attraction of this town and the reason why tourists from all over the world visit it is surreal: its pink sea.

Galerazamba and its spectacular pink sea They are located halfway between Barranquilla and Cartagena de Indias.. This is equivalent to a distance close to 50 kilometers. It can be traveled in approximately one hour, in different means such as bus, taxi, private car or motorcycle.

In addition to this intense pink dreamy sea, the town has extraordinary places in its surroundings to visit. Among them are the salt flats, the El Totumo volcano, the El Ceibal Regional Natural Park and the Ethnoindustrial Museum, among others.

Brief story

In 1509, the Spanish conquistadors made several exploration trips in the coastal area of ​​Santa Catalina. These were commanded by both Diego de Nicuesa and Alonso de Ojeda, who agreed to determine that Galerazamba was the ideal place for the foundation of a city.

They highly valued the natural inlet, since it could function as a port to access this population. Likewise, they considered the enormous amount of fresh water sources that were concentrated in this territory.

During this time, the region was mostly inhabited by the Caribbean ethnic group, which was governed by the chief Zamba. Diego de Nicuesa’s invasion of the territory triggered a cruel battle with this town, which only ended when the conqueror kidnapped one of the cacique’s daughters, who was just a girl, and fled.

Over time, this indigenous woman would be known as the Indian Catalina. There is a monument dedicated to her in the city of Cartagena, but her real name is unknown.. Instead, he is known to have served as an interpreter between the resident tribes and the Spanish conquistadors.

Years later, Pedro de Heredia, with the intention of founding a city in Galerazamba, hatched a plan to return the kidnapped daughter to Cacique Zamba to win his favors. However, despite the signs of gratitude from this people and their leader, Heredia found that the cove did not have enough draft for the arrival of their ships.

Why a pink sea?

the pink sea It is a natural phenomenon that is produced mainly by the high concentration of salt in its waters. When it rains on this area, the fresh water that falls modifies the molecular structure of the salt, and this is what produces this phenomenon.

Additionally, the pink sea is inhabited by microscopic algae known as halophiles. They make beta caroteneso that they further intensify the pink hue existing seawater.

It should be noted that the Galerazamba salt flats are not a place to go swimming or practice any kind of water sport. It is a space for contemplation and inspiration, ideal for photographers, painters or people who appreciate aesthetics and enjoy it.

Without a doubt, the biggest attraction of Galerazamba is its intense pink sea. The time when its color is strongest is from December to April or from August to Septemberbecause these are periods in which there is a higher concentration of salt in the water.

Simultaneously, it is when the largest population of microalgae proliferates and also when the inhabitants of Galerazamba work exploiting the salt mines by hand.

Places of interest in Galerazamba

Although the main attraction of Galerazamba is its intense pink sea, it is really worth complementing the visit knowing additional aspects that also arouse a lot of interest.

In this sense, the salt flats are beautiful and date back to pre-Hispanic times.. They were exploited by the community until the 1990s, when they were left in the hands of private companies. This plunged the population into a deep crisis, which went from an unprecedented prosperity to absolute poverty. This crisis has subsided thanks to a greater influx of tourists.

Another place of interest is the Totumo volcano, an elevation that protrudes from the earth’s surface about 20 meters, but reaches a depth of 2300 meters. Its cone is saturated with mud and can be accessed through a ladder, to have a relaxing experience through an exfoliating bath.

Other attractions of this Colombian city

Visitors can also enjoy a wide variety of drinks and different typical dishes. Likewise, they can visit the Ethnoindustrial Museum; East houses pieces of pre-Columbian art representative of the ethnic groups that inhabited this region. Likewise, the history in photography and different objects related to the exploitation of salt in this sector.

In the last place, is the El Ceibal Regional Natural Park, with an area of ​​300 hectares. This is a site where research is being carried out to protect the White-headed Tití monkey, which is in great danger of extinction. There you can see the great biodiversity in fauna and flora that this region presents.

In conclusion, Galerazamba is a welcoming town, with happy and calm people.. It has an intense pink sea that is difficult to imagine until you visit it, to verify that it is not a dream, but something real.

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