Places you cannot miss in Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago is home to countless charms that should not be overlooked on any trip to this paradise. Do you want to know which are the most outstanding? We discover them for you. So you can also better plan your visit to this wonderful place.

Mahé Island, the heart of the Seychelles

Mahe Island

A trip to the Seychelles must include that of its main island: Mahé. In it is located Victoria, the capital of this archipelago. In it you will find attractions such as the Clock Tower, the seat of the Court, the National Museum of Victorian History and the National History Museum, the Botanic Gardens and the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke market.

Mahé is home to other treasures, such as its beaches or the Morne Seychellois National Park, with an area of ​​more than 30 km², which represents just over 20% of the island. It has a wide network of trails that will allow you to enjoy its exuberant vegetation and spectacular views.

The Garden of the Roi

On the island of Mahé is this lush green space. A small oasis inspired by the gardens developed by the French in the 18th century in order to promote the spice trade in the colonies. In it, one can enjoy the smell of vanilla and cinnamon, a real pleasure for the five senses.

The garden is open from ten in the morning to five in the afternoon. and is accessible for a price of 110 Seychellois rupees. It also has a restaurant where you can taste its specialties, made from spices from the garden.. Do you have a better plan?

the island of praslin

Praslin Island

From Mahé Island we moved to Praslin Island, 40 kilometers away. Its beaches stand out. Anse Lazio deserves a special mention, considered the most beautiful and easily accessible; Anse Georgette, of great beauty and which can be reached after walking for twenty minutes; and Côte d’Or, pleasant and not very crowded.

The Valle de Mai Nature Reserve

Special recognition requires the Valle de Mai Nature Reserve, also on the island of Praslin. A space declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a natural jungle full of palm trees which covers an area of ​​almost 20 hectares.


In the Valle de Mai reserve you can see interesting endemic species, including the coco del mar or the black parrot.

To know this space, the ideal is follow one of the three routes available. Each one has a different duration, between one and two kilometers. However, whichever one you choose, you will be able to enjoy some places of great beauty formed by the aforementioned palm trees, as well as pine trees or plants unique to the site.

La Digue, one of the treasures of Seychelles

the say

It is the third most populated island in Seychelles and one that should not be missed. Here you will find dream beaches, among which Ante Source d’Argent and Grand Anse stand out. They are havens of peace where you can rest or practice some sport, while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.

In addition to taking a bath, on La Digue you cannot miss the opportunity to get to know the rich marine fauna of the island, which includes a colorful variety of fish, sharks, coral reefs and manta rays. To do this, it is advisable to go to a diving center.

Finally, would be to set course for the Veuve Nature Reserve. There you can do a bike route under the instructions of a guide so as not to miss any detail. It is a small patch of forest inhabited by endemic species such as the paradise flycatcher. Nearby is the highest point of the island – Belle Vue peak.

As you may have verified, Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the most touristic islands in Seychelles. All three are equally beautiful due to the natural attractions they harbor. Any of them is a good option to spend a unique vacation. Of course, the ideal, whenever possible, is to know all of them.

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