Plan your vacation in a travel agency or online

When choosing vacations, we can opt for a traditional travel agency or through an online portal, but what are the advantages of one over the other?

The Travel agencies They have always been the easiest and most practical way to organize a vacation. you were just going to one travel agency in the neighborhood and asked for information about the trip. The person who worked there showed you the brochures, commented on the status of the hotels he knew, which flight might be more suitable and in a short time everything was clear. The agency was in charge of process flights, hotel reservations and transfers between destinations, if any. Today, everything has changed and although these travel agencies continue to exist, users have been changing the traditional agencies for the reservations through the internet.

In the hotel reservation portals it is easy to choose a destination, a date of arrival and departure, number of people and that’s it. In just a few seconds the travel portal offers a selection of flights to the destination and a long list of hotels to choose the one that best suits you. On travel portals you can also find special promotions and specific offers, such as the Barceló Hotels Black Week, with special offers for internet users that are not found in traditional travel agencies.

Offers only for internet users

The online travel portals and the agencies that operate on the internet usually offer this type of promotions to expedite reservations. One of the advantages of this type of agency and online travel portals is that it is the users themselves who interact with them. Is more simple choose a destination and a hotel if it is the user who moves through the different offers in person and does not depend on the opinion of another person. In addition, on the internet it is easy to find the opinions of other users, which facilitates the choice when looking for the best hotel discounts for 2018.

The Internet is a tool that makes everything easier, especially plan vacations to your liking, without depending on other people. It is the most appropriate way to choose destination and accommodation if you know what to do and where you want to go. Freedom, speed and exclusive offers for the traveler who trusts the online travel portals.

Book vacations in a travel agency

Trust and tradition in travel agencies

But not everyone knows how to function well on the Internet or maybe they don’t have time to waste browsing and searching among all those offers. For this type of person, who wants to be advise to choose the trip of your vacations, traditional agencies They are still a good option. The professionals of these traditional travel agencies usually know the hotels that they advise and help to make the choices.

They are also in charge of carrying out flight and hotel reservations. If you are a professional agency, you will also know the best deals and will help to choose the best hotels at the best price, also advising on the best dates and carrying out all the arrangements. Some control is lost in the choice and it may not include all the options that can be found online, but for those who they don’t want to plan their vacations on their ownis still the most suitable option.

Traditional agency or online agency? You decide, but many times, the freedom of choice brings surprises in the form of unbeatable offers.

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