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Poço do Inferno: the most beautiful waterfall of Serra da Estrela

when we think na Serra da Estrela, we will have to go to lá das montanhas, queijo da serra, presumed, cold and snow. O Poço do Inferno traces much more than it is so that you appreciate the marvelous tonalities that a still inhospitable world offers. This local found a waterfall of staggering beauty that attracted tourists to the Manteigas region in the heart of Serra da Estrela.

Here you will have conditions for a few days of pure being and that will reinvigorate your soul, as well as enjoy the spirit of adventure and seek to enjoy two prazeres of life. In Poço do Inferno you will find a waterfall at more than 1000 meters of altitude with about 10 meters, derived from the Leandres riverbank, a tributary of the Zêzere river. The access is easy, but you have to have this to walk and unwrap the surrounding trail, which presents numerous attractions for lovers of exercise and photography, for all fauna and flora.

Indeed, for photography lovers, it is suggested that we explore the non-winter zone due to the cold and high altitude, since the waterfall tends to freeze, presenting unique moments. Another hypothesis that will allow excellent results is the exploration of the non-Outdoor area, where the tones are captivating.

Little of Hell

It is magnificent, we determine, we are not the water that falls from the waterfall to a considerable height and that is going to precipitate into a lake causing a simply delicious sound effect, because it is at the same time vigorous and therapeutic.

The granite richness of this area is quite clear, we perceive that Ribeira de Leandres crosses mantles of this rock, before finding a natural barrier, which will create this waterfall effect. The waters are crystal clear, more gelled, so the more adventurous will have to think before we try to explore. For isso terão to seek the hottest days of the year!

To get to this place you can start from Manteigas and follow the road that follows either the Zêzere glacier valley or the forest road of Viveiro das Trutas da Fonte Santa.

O Poço do Inferno offers varied perspectives to visitors who explore its rota. They mark the natural traces at the geological, hydrological and fauna and flora levels still raw, with different types of vegetation, cores, sounds and other inspirations to awaken your senses.

Little of Hell
Little of Hell

Apart from granite, there are also metamorphic rocks that result from the action of magma and that allow a variety of mineral aggregates to be evident. Marked in this area are also deep landscapes, where we can verify several water lines, more water like the Poço do Inferno. From this natural waterfall, influenced by the icy temperature two winters, an unparalleled natural beauty retreats, which, for this reason, is a reference point for the municipality of Manteigas and the Serra da Estrela itself.

On the other hand, we identify traces where there is a marked anthropic action, such as the socalcos and other structures that allow creating paths and supporting some agricultural activity.

No Poço do inferno is worth it to the more adventurous and those who are curious about paradise, will venture out on foot. This item has a distance of approximately 2.5 km and will allow you to enjoy magnificent sensations. It is worth saying that the route at the same time can begin to be thought of in Manteigas, because there are hypotheses of traveling a trail from this local area to the Cascades area.

If we were to highlight an existing species for these paragens, we would say that o teixo is a good example. These trees are currently in a situation of great vulnerability and in Portugal this is one of two rare locations where it can be found. Barnacle-it is because, to the extent that there is a tendency to occupy areas close to watercourses, with some altitude and where the influence of external factors is not verified with great intensity.

Little of Hell
Little of Hell

There are inclusive projects that intend to intervene on the tiles and their respective preservation, namely two of their groves. This is the case of an initiative that takes place in the Manteigas council, where it is intended to contribute to its preservation.

In relation to fauna, it is also quite marked in its diversity, being at the same time associated with the forest environment and identified watercourses. As characteristic species, it is worth referring to mammals such as foxes, amphibians such as salamandra-lusitânica and birds such as or rangers.

Attractions near Poço do Inferno

In the vicinity of Poço do Inferno there are several references to places that can be selected for an additional visit. The Zêzere Glacier is worth it, which is a spectacular natural landscape with several km of extension and which constitutes a fantastic testimony of a period of glaciation, derived from the erosive and transport action exerted by the ice.

In its “U” shape, it boasts unmatched geological beauties, such as the austere granite rocks of the Cântaros, Magro, Gordo e Raso (at 1,928 meters above sea level) and biogenetic reserves of high natural and landscape value. I did not know about Magro (at 1,420 meters of altitude), a jewel of Vale, or Covão D’Ametade, an ancient glacial lake of incomparable beauty.

It is in this lake that the Zêzere river begins or its most serious journey. As its crystalline waters are here, it is peculiar to start the journey along the Zêzere glacier valley before continuing to other paragens that the farão will reach or the Tejo River and that can be so remarkable.

It is worth highlighting other points that can be considered of great interest and that can be discovered on tours, walks or even on electric bicycles. All these options are already thought in Serra da Estrela. Nesse sense we highlight the Viveiro das Trutas, or the Vale Glaciar do Zêzere Interpretive Center and also the Burel Factory, an old woolen factory. Therefore, in Manteigas, you will have many options to occupy or time.

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