Posada del Dragón, a charming place in the heart of Madrid

When planning a trip, when we are going to stay in a big city, It is best to stay in the center, although not many times it is possible, especially economically speaking. In this way, we do not waste much time in transport, also having the facility to return to it to rest at any time.

The Madrid Dragon Innis located in the Cava Baja, restaurant area, typical area of ​​Madridin which we can walk at any time, having the peace of mind that we will not be disturbed, knowing that when we arrive at our accommodation, we will find total isolation from the noise that may be outside.

The building is a corrala, a way of building in which there was a central patio and on the sides a corridor with the different rooms and that we have already told you about the famous Corrala de Almagro. This construction has been respected, completely remodeling the three floors dedicated to accommodationto adapt to current circumstances.

All the rooms have a complete bathroom (as a curiosity to indicate that in the tile of each one, there is a monument of Madrid with its GPS address), air conditioning, telephone, mini-bar, that is to say, the equivalent to a 4 star hotel.

The interior of the corrala, in addition to preserve part of the old wall of Madrid, have included phrases referring to the city of Madrid; Thus we can read, for example, “852/856 Muhammad I, Emir of Córdoba, founded Madrid”.

In its bar-restaurant, in addition to a wonderful breakfast, you can enjoy portions and appetizers prepared with products purchased in the market that same day, since its type of cuisine is the so-called “De Mercado”.

La Posada del Dragón is located at Cava Baja nº 14. You can book a night from about 85 euros for a double room, a real luxury in the center of Madrid

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