Powerscourt in Ireland and its beautiful gardens

Powerscourt House is a beautiful mansion that stands out both for its architectural beauty and for the magnificence of its gardens. This is a perfect place to visit for a holiday in Ireland. Will you join us to learn more about her and her beautiful gardens?

Powerscourt’s story

Powerscourt is the perfect example of how nature and the hand of man can come together to conceive one of the best gardens in the world. In fact, this architectural complex and its beautiful gardens are one of the most famous attractions in Ireland.

This mansion is built in a space with a lot of history, since before there was an Anglo-Norman castle from the 14th century, whose strategic position was used by them in their fights against the Gaelic clans that defended their territories.

Thus, it would not be until the 17th century when the idea of ​​building the Powerscout mansion began to take shape, and We owe this to the first Lord Powerscout, Sir Richard Winfield, who from 1603 had possession of this land. He got it thanks to a reward from Queen Elisabeth I for his military services to the crown.

From this time, the Winfield family was in possession of the property until 1961, when it passed into the hands of the Slazenger family by sale. Since then, visits to the garden have been made public, although in 1974 the house suffered a fire and had to be almost completely restored, so it took longer to be visited.

The mansion and its gardens

The complex is made up of an extraordinary Italian-style mansion that was completed in the 18th century. However, without a doubt what is most striking in this area are its beautiful gardens with flowerbeds, fountains and statues and the largest waterfall in Ireland.

Not in vain they are considered one of the ten best gardens in the world according to National Geographic. They occupy more than 19 hectares and have views of the mountains of Ireland. Thus, among them, those that we will describe below stand out.

the italian garden

The first of the gardens that began to be built was the Italian garden. This was the idea of ​​Sir Richard and Sir Marvin Winfield 6th and 7th, both Lords of Powerscourt.

It is a garden made up of different parterres and steps. The design was carried out by architect Daniel Robertson. Its construction lasted over 12 years, in which a large workforce was used and hundreds of trees from all over the world were planted. Likewise, numerous sculptures brought from different parts of Europe by Lord Powerscourt sixth were installed.

in this garden, it is possible to enjoy the Dolphin Pond, surrounded by the longest rows of plants in Ireland; the Lake of Triton, inspired by Piazza Barberini in Rome; and beautiful staircases, among other attractions.

On the other hand, you can also access the walled gardens, one of the oldest on the property. These gardens are populated with different exotic plants and a pond that has a monument to Viscountess Julia erected by her son.

the japanese garden

At the dawn of the 20th century, the eighth Lord Powerscourt completed the Japanese garden and the famous tower pepper pot, a name it takes from its resemblance to a pepper mill. These gardens have numerous caves and secret passages, from which you can get beautiful views of the place.

However, one of the most incredible natural places in this space is its waterfall. It is the highest in the country and has inspired numerous artists; he even appeared in several movies. Undoubtedly, it is a majestic place surrounded by forests that can be visited as part of the visit.

How to Visit Powerscourt

this wonderful place is located in Enniskerry, a short distance from Dublin, in County Wicklow. Its proximity to this city makes it a destination that can be reached in approximately 30 minutes by car.

However, public transport can also be used from O’Connell Street, taking bus 44 towards Enniskerry, or bus lines 133 and 145. Alternatively, take the Irish East Coast Train to Bray Station, then take the bus to this beautiful property. Whichever path you choose, Powerscourt will not let you down.

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