Practical tips for getting around Paris

It is always a great idea to travel to Paris. There is so much to see in the French capital! It is such a romantic city! So spectacular! So varied! But it is also huge and its infinite attractions are spread over a gigantic area. In addition, it is a very expensive destination, do not be fooled. So to save time, efforts and money We are going to tell you the best ways to get around Paris.

get to paris

Before talking about how to get around the neighborhoods of Paris, we are going to make a recommendation regarding the best means of transport to get to the French capital. In fact, There are multiple ways to get to Paris.

In our opinion, the best is by train. The different Parisian railway stations, in addition to being very attractive, communicate with high-speed trains with practically the entire continent, from Spain to Italy or Belgium, and even with England through the tunnel that runs under the English Channel.

However, it can be reached by road, although you will have to be prepared to withstand the heavy traffic in and around Paris. Or if you prefer, you can fly to its different airports, both Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly. There are also flights low cost to the relatively nearby city of Beauvais.

How to get around Paris

And now we are going to give you a few tips on how to move from one neighborhood to another in Paris.

1. By subway

One of the best methods of getting around Paris is to take advantage of the extensive suburban metro network. It is one of the oldest and also the largest in all of Europe.

And despite its size, the truth it’s pretty easy to get your bearings. By metro you can reach virtually any corner of the city, be it the Arc de Triomphe and the elegant Champs Elysées or the distant Parc des Princes, where PSG and some of the world’s most famous footballers play.

Besides, Traveling on the Paris metro is cheap if it is done with a voucher for all the days of our stay.. In addition, it is a fast medium. But during the journeys you can’t see anything, just the metro stations, some of which are very attractive, by the way. Also, for those who suffer from claustrophobia, it can be overwhelming at peak times.

2. Getting around Paris by bus

The urban bus network in Paris can also take you to any place and district of the capital. It is a medium widely used by localsalthough not so much for tourists, since you have to be very clear about where the stops are located.

3. By tram

The tram does not run through the center, although it does run through the surrounding area and even goes to Orly airport. Y it has the advantage that the ticket can be combined with bus tickets. Of course, these transfers can be made for a period not exceeding 90 minutes.

4. By taxi

As in any city, the most comfortable transport can be a taxi. It is not shared, it takes us from door to door, you can come to pick us up and we safely carry our luggage… All that is true, but you pay, and in Paris taxis can be very expensive.

5. By bike

Paris is possibly not the best city in the world to cycle through given its traffic and high number of tourists. But it can be interesting to use this option during our trip. It is very easy to rent them and it is attractive to visit certain places full of romanticism giving pedals with our partner, for example, going along the Seine.

6. Walking, the best way to get around Paris

The quintessential way to visit Paris is to walk, take long walks along the Seine, through the exclusive Place Vendome or up the steps of Montmartre. It can be tiring sometimes but it is the best way for travelers to soak up the charms of this beautiful city.

It is obvious that for long trips you have to resort to buses or the subway, but strolling through Paris is essential to enjoy the terraces in the Latin Quarter or the shops of Le Marais. This, not to mention the patisseries of Saint Germain de Pres, the modernity of La Defense or the elegance of Place des Vosges. There is so much to see in Paris!

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