Practical tips for traveling to Jordan

Many tourists decide to visit Jordan on their vacations. An exotic destination in the Middle East that awaits us with fantastic attractions such as the city of Petra or the Wadi Rum desert and with culture and traditions very different from ours. In this article We give you some tips to travel to Jordan and enjoy some wonderful days.

Recommendations for travel to jordan

If you are thinking of traveling to Jordan, surely you have many questions about this fascinating country. Some tourists choose to explore it “on their own” and others hire excursions so as not to have problems with the language (Arabic) or on the roads. Some important points to keep in mind:

1. Security

This country is known as “the Switzerland of the Middle East” because of the influence it exerts in the area. Although in recent years the number of travelers who choose Jordan has decreased due to the Isis war with the surrounding nations, the truth is that it is a safe territory for tourists.

Many are reluctant to go to Arab lands, however, do not forget that tourism is one of the great sources of income in Jordan and, furthermore, the political situation in this country is more stable than in some of its neighbors.

2. Food

Jordanian cuisine is similar to that of other Arab countries and that you surely know from going to a restaurant in your city. The dishes have a lot of spices and the typical menus cannot miss the kebab (kind of meatball) hummus (chickpea pate), dates (accompanies tea or coffee) and Sayadiyah (a traditional Aqaba rice and fish dish).

Chicken and lamb dishes are common on desert excursions. Please note that pork and alcoholic beverages are not consumed hereas it is forbidden by religion.

3. Excursions or on your own

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when you want to travel to Jordan. Traveling on your own is an interesting idea, since It is a small country with an acceptable communication and transportation infrastructure.. You can rent a car and take any of the three main roads, whose signs are in English and Arabic.

If you prefer to travel in a group, to organize everything for you, it may be convenient for you to go with a tourism company. Although many times you do not have enough time to get to know each attraction.

4. Visa

In order to visit the country, it is mandatory to have a visa.. This can be processed in advance at the Jordanian embassy in your country or on the day of arrival at the Amman airport. It costs about 20 dinars (about 20 euros) and is very easy to obtain.

Regarding the currency exchange, it is convenient to do it at the hotel or at an exchange house outside the airport to get better prices. Although it is not a very cheap country, it is still more affordable than Spain.

5. Flights

Amman Queen Alia International Airport can be reached from different cities in Europe (Berlin, Vienna, Athens, Rome, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Madrid, among others) and the world (New York, Montreal, Istanbul, Cairo, Dubai, etc). In the event that you want to go to Aqaba and the Red Sea, yes or yes you will have to land in the Jordanian capital and then make a stopover or take another means of transport.

“Travel teaches tolerance.”

Benjamin Disraeli

6. Attractive

Petra – Robert Hoetink

Without a doubt, the place par excellence to visit in Jordan is the city of Petraancient home of the Nabataeans with its buildings carved into the stone.

We can also visit the Roman cities of Gerasa and Gadara; the capital Amman, with its King Abdullah Mosque (the only one that allows access to tourists) and its ancient citadel; the Wadi Rum desert, the Dead Sea, with its mud bath.

But when traveling to Jordan many other treasures can be discovered. If you have time, visit the archaeological site of Betaniathe Red Sea, the ruins of the city of Jerash, the Route of the Castles, the city of mosaics of Madaba and the Al Karak castle.

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