Prague at night: an enchanting place

Prague is not only the capital of the Czech Republic, but also one of the most important cultural epicenters in Europe. Its traditions, beauty and history stand out in a particular way when the sun goes down, which is why Prague at night is already famous throughout the world.

Hundreds of events are celebrated in this city related to literature, cinema and music, among others. During the night, all these manifestations acquire special relevance and a unique charm, which residents and visitors can enjoy.

A past that is constantly updated

In the past, Prague at night was synonymous with fun. Low-priced alcoholic beverages and erotic shows were especially famous. This custom is still maintained, but updated under the modality of the pub crawl.

These places are especially visited by young people looking to get drunk on the cheap and “enjoy” loud music and entertainment. striptease. However, beyond this, the Czech capital has a whole range of options to enjoy the nightlife and for all tastes.

Those who visit this city can have fun attending the pubs traditional or modern clubs. Also you can access many shows alternative musicalsespecially in the premises located in the Old City area.

You cannot pass up the opportunity to experience the pub classic, with its wide variety of high-quality traditional beers such as lager and blondes. In these places, it is tradition for the waiter to refill the glasses that are empty.

Other options in Prague at night

Another of the attractions of the Prague night is to visit the modern cocktail bars, a recently created international trend that gained momentum especially in European countries. These spaces are characterized by being more sophisticated than the pubs traditional and because they are served by sexy waitresses and waiters.

Clubs are also protagonists in Prague at night. These are concentrated in commercial premises in the center and are very crowded. In most of them, the type of music that is listened to comes from the genre house and the musical successes of the eighties.

There are also many other alternatives, such as DJ bars, music clubs alternative and experimental premises and undergroundamong others. One of the options that young people who live there are looking for the most are the local pop upwhich work only for a few months.

In general, all these places stay open between 11 at night and 4 in the morning. However, there are also spaces that work 24 hours a day.

some specialties

As we can see, nobody gets bored in Prague at night. There are many options, such as parties with techno or electronic music rhythms for those who like these genres. There are also places to listen jazz live that are fascinating.

In the same way, there are true temples of classical music with very varied offers of balletopera and concerts. A unique experience, which can only be had in Prague at night, is to attend a black theater performance.

It is a theatrical performance originating in Prague and for which it is not necessary to master the Czech language. This show brings together music, video art and dance. Black theater uses ultraviolet light on a black backdrop; the result is a simply amazing effect and unusual aesthetics.

These types of shows are located particularly in the premises of Wenceslas Square. In this area, there are also puppet and marionette shows, but they work almost always during the day.

Additional options

One of the most cool is, without a doubt, the Zizkov neighborhood. Although in the past it was inhabited only by the working class, today it is one of the most visited areas in the city of Prague. This is due to the large concentration of nightclubs in the area.

The areas with the largest number of gay bars are Zizkov and Vinohrady. Additionally, there are places specialized in serving an unimaginable catalog of cocktails such as the Blue Biblewhich offers more than 300 different cocktails.

In addition to all of the above, in Prague at night there are all kinds of locations that stand out for being curious, famous or interesting. An example is the prague clublocated in a 15th century building near the Charles Bridge, with 5 floors of fun.

for the calmest

For those looking to enjoy a quieter stay, there are other plans, such as navigate by boat on the Vltava river enjoying a pleasant dinner. This option allows you to admire the illuminated Prague from a different perspective.

Another alternative is a folk dinner with live dances, songs and music from Bohemia and Moravia. All this accompanied by a dinner with typical Czech dishes, including tastings of beers or traditional wines from this country.

Finally, classical puppet operas complement the offer, a show without equal and carefully planned. One of the most traditional, and which has special prestige, is the opera Don Giovanni, with period costumes.

As you can see, Prague at night has a lot to offer. There are shows and fun of all kinds and for all kinds of tastes. The only difficulty there is choosing: all the options are fabulous and each one has its own particular charm.

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