Proposals to enjoy in Malaga during the holidays

The Andalusian city of Malaga now offers good weather in autumn and perfect cultural visits to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Getting to know the city of Malaga on vacation is always something pleasant, a perfect tourist destination in Andalusia for couples and for the whole family. Now in autumn it offers more than pleasant temperatures, perfect to be able to make a quiet getaway and know everything that this place has for us.

The variety of museums is remarkable in the city and this allows tourists to enjoy some of them during their vacations. It is worth highlighting some such as the great Picasso Museum, which is possibly one of the most famous. He too Pompidou Center or the Carmen Thyssen Museum They are more than interesting options to be able to make a visit.

Another of Malaga’s proposals for autumn is that the weather is usually more than pleasant, almost summery at times. This is something that visitors appreciate because they can enjoy much more free time in the city, walking its streets and getting to know its famous buildings, as well as taste the good gastronomy of the land.

The famous Alcazaba of Malaga It is one of the options to take into account, since it is an old fortification, dating from the time of the Muslims. From this site you can enjoy the best views because it is at a certain height. its pretty gardens, fountains or patios are some of the elements that await you inside.

It is interesting to have the possibility of know the Cathedral of Malaga, one of the most interesting options in terms of religious buildings. It’s about the Holy Church Cathedral Basilica of the Incarnation and it was being built from the 16th to the 18th century. The beautiful Baroque façade, its Renaissance-style portals and the High Altar are outstanding elements to take into account when visiting.

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