Proposals to enjoy in Medellin

The city of Medellín offers us the possibility to enjoy a complete trip knowing its monuments, parks and other options.

Colombia is a destination in South America that continues to grow year after year. It is a country with many possibilities and getting to know the city of Medellin is one of them. It offers us a multitude of possibilities to be able to enjoy as a couple or as a family its natural corners, its history, its culture.

Botero Square

Without a doubt, the Plaza Botero is one of the landmarks of Medellin. It is located in the historic center and is one of the symbols. Here we can see different sculptures of the popular sculptor Fernando Boterowith works that are easy to find due to the large volume of the bodies he sculpts. If you like art, it is a square that will fascinate you.

You can find the location of Plaza Botero by following this link.

Antioch Museum

One of the most important museums in the city is the Museo de Antioquia, a fabulous place where we can see up to 5,000 pieces. The tour ranges from indigenous objects to works of modern art. It is inside the former Municipal Palace of Medellin and it is a visit that costs about 5 euros, but it is well worth it to see the great collection that it houses inside.

You can find the location of Museo de Antioquia by following this link.

Berrio Park

Medellin It has numerous parks that are very worthwhile and one of them is the famous Berrio Park, one of the central points of the city. was the place where the first christian church was built by the Spanish. Today it is a reference site, in addition to being able to observe a large mural.

You can find the location of Parque de Berrío following this link.

Monument to the Race

Touring Medellín it is interesting to know the Monument to the Race, located in the neighborhood of La Alpujarra. It is a large sculpture 38 meters high and represents the freedom of conquered peoples. It is one of the icons, elaborated by Rodrigo Arenas Betancur and that is very worth knowing.

You can find the location of Monumento a La Raza by following this link.

Colombia Medellin Landmarks

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