Pyramid of Cestius (Rome) Italy

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Built in the year 44 BCin the “eternal” city, Rome, the PPyramid of Cestius It is one of the great displays of power that the city offers us.

With a height greater than 36 meters and a width of almost 30 meters this construction dedicated to Gaius Cestius (praetor of the time) houses in its interior the mortal remains of the same.

This mausoleum was built based on the egyptian modelss, since at that time Rome conquered Egypt and this type of construction was the order of the day.

Pyramid Image

Its construction was carried out in just 33 days at least that’s what they say inscriptions that we find on both sides of the pyramid, in which we also read, the name of the body that rests inside it.

built with White marble this work, is the only pyramid «mausoleum» that we find in the Italian capital and one of the most interesting and curious places in the city.

Right next to the Pyramid of Cayo Cestius, we find another of the historical emblems of the city, such as The Porta Ostiense.

Porta Ostiense

Porta Ostiense

currently called Gate of San Paolois part of the Aurelian Wall and it is one of the best preserved gates in the entire city.

How to get

Getting to the Pyramid of Cestius is easy.

From the area of Circus Massimo walking south, it will take about 15 minutes.

By subway taking the B-line address Laurentinewe must get off at the pyramid station.

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