Rome Omnia Card: advantages and tips for using it

Rome is one of the most amazing cities in the world. And the number of places of interest to visit is immense. Entering all of them, or at least the most important ones, supposes a considerable outlay. Nevertheless, with the Omnia Card you can get good savings on sightseeing in the Eternal City. You want to know more?

Advantages of the Omnia Card

This card also has the name of Rome&Vatican Card. And more than a card, it could be said that it is a pack. Includes the Roma Pass for 24 or 72 hours and access to the tourist bus known as Roma Cristiana, which has the objective of touring the main places of interest in the city.

Rome Coliseum

The 72-hour Roma Card that is included in the Omnia Card allows you to enjoy the great jewels of the city. With it you will enter the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. It also includes access to the cloister of the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls.

You will also have free access to the Colosseum, the Forum, the Palatine, to the Borghese Gallery, the Capitoline Museums, the Museum of Rome and the Castelo Sant’ Angelo. Although yes, you will have to select two of them.

On the other hand, It has the added advantage that it will give you preference when it comes to accessing these places. This way, you not only save money, but time that you would otherwise waste standing in line.

And along with free access to the places mentioned, the Omnia Card has other advantages. For example, you will enjoy discounts in other museums and monuments of Rome. And, in the case of Saint Peter’s Basilica, you will have a free audio guide.

How much does the Omnia Card cost?

Roman Forum

The price for adults is 113 euros, while for children under 9 years of age it is 80 euros. That is for the 72-hour card, although there is a modality for only 24 hours that costs 55 euros.

The amount may seem a bit high. However, you should bear in mind that each of the monuments has a price that ranges between 15 and 20 euros. In other words, if you plan your visit to the city well and make the most of it, you can save a lot.

Its validity, as we pointed out, is one or three days, depending on the card. But you should know that regardless of the day you buy it, it will count as full. In this way, it is best that you buy it early in the morning you begin to enjoy its advantages as soon as possible.


You can buy the card online or at the ORP offices in Rome. You can find these offices in places close to those attractions that you can visit, such as the Basilica of Saint Peter or Saint John Lateran.

Is the Omnia Card worth it?

Tourist bus

It all depends on what you want to see. But In general, it is worth it.. The price of the most famous monuments is around 20 euros and between 8 and 12 euros the lesser known. Not to mention that in many of them if you want an audio guide you will have to pay.

Besides, With the Omnia Card you can use public transport. This card includes the Travelcard, so you can use buses, trams and subways without problems. To give you an idea, the three-day card alone costs 17 euros.

Plus, you can ride the city tour bus. This will make you a tour around Rome that will allow you to enjoy its most famous places in peace. Its price? 32 euros.

With what we have told you, you can now do the math. and decide if acquiring the Omnia Card is worth it or not. Some travelers are reluctant to buy this type of card because they believe that they include things that are not worth it, that you pay for things that you do not see in the end.

However, in Rome everything is worth it and surely you do not want to miss anything on your visit. If so, do not hesitate and purchase the card. You will save money, you will avoid queues, you will have audio guides and you will be able to move everywhere by transport… What more can you ask for?

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