Route 040, the biggest drop in Spain in Tenerife

Route 040 has been improved to offer hiking enthusiasts a unique experience, which reaches the peak of Teide, at an altitude of 3,718 metres.

If you’re hiking enthusiast, there are routes that present interesting challenges. One of those routes has been closed for a while and now, it can be enjoyed again. It’s about the route 040, which is located in Tenerife and has the greatest slope in the country. And it’s not an exaggeration, because part of Socorro beach and reaches the top of Teide. A drop of almost 4,000 meters that can be covered on foot or running.

This route gets its name from a group of Canarian mountaineers. They were proposed give visibility to the different routes of the islands and they created several of them that reached the highest peak of it. The first island received the name of route 010, the second, route 020, and Tenerife, being the fourth, corresponded to 040.

route 040 It is very demanding and allows it to be used for training elite athletes, but it has also become something popular for fans of this type of route. The rehabilitation project to which this route has been subjected has made it possible to correctly signpost the route. It has also created a path, which is pending approval, and paths and paths in disuse have been recovered, which have been valued.


Route 040 has a length of 30 kilometers from Socorro beach to the top of Teide. If the descent is counted, the length amounts to 53 kilometers. It usually takes about 12 hours to walk up and down, but if you run this time can be reduced to 4-5 hours, depending on the pace chosen.

The route runs almost entirely through the municipality of The Realejosalthough it also goes through La Orotava. During its route it runs through the natural spaces of the Protected Landscape of Los Campeches, Tigaiga and Ruiz, the Corona Forestal Park and the Teide National Parkto return again, in a reverse route, to the coast.

Teide Tenerife Hiking Route

In the lower area there 12 meters above sea levelwhile at its highest point it reaches the 3,718 meters that presents the peak of Teide. You must also take into account that you must request permission to crown Teide. Permission can be requested through this link and is required from The Rambleta to access the trail number 10 Telesforo Bravo and reach the Pico del Teide.

For those who do not dare to complete the entire route, especially the last section, which is more demanding, there is the possibility of get to the Portillo Visitor Center. To get to this you have to take a short path before reaching Montaña Blanca.

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