Rural tourism in Albacete, a little known and very interesting option

When we talk about rural tourism, there are always places that have a greater presence and that collect most of the attention of travelers. But there are also other places, perhaps less known, that they have a lot of charm and good service for visitors seeking relaxation and outdoor activities in magnificent settings.

Albacete is a province that is not as well known as many others, but it has an excellent range of rural tourism that allows you to spend some wonderful days discovering everything that this capital of Castilla la Mancha and its surroundings. Villages with history, impressive views and activities to enjoy.

Province of Albacete

In the Albacete province there are a good number of towns to discover and many of them have establishments to spend a few days enjoying many rural tourism activities. And next to them, Natural attractions that can be enjoyed. We are going to indicate some of the interesting places to visit in the province of Albacete.

Source of the World River

The source of the World River It is located in the town of Riópar and is one of the most impressive shows in Spain. The Calares del Río Mundo Natural Park is made up of several places, not just one place. Among them we can visit the Calar del Mundo, the Calar de En Medio, the Chorros del Mundo river, the Poljé de la Cañada de los Mojones, the Sierra del Cujón and the Calar de la Sima.

The best known of them all are the Jets of the World River. It is the birth itself. An important flow of water comes out of a cave located in this place, which shortly after emerging falls into an impressive jump of just over 100 meters. The effect of falling water creates a spectacular setting that invites you to enjoy this space.

Here you can find the location of Riópar, near the source of the Mundo River.

Natural pools in the Jucar river dam

During the summer you have to take the opportunity to take a good dip in these natural pools which are formed thanks to Jucar river dam. At any other time it is a good place to walk and enjoy the views offered by the waters of the river. An ideal place to walk, take photos and relax. The place has a restaurant with parking and it is very pleasant to spend a few hours relaxing in contact with the water.

Rico Jucar Pools

This is the location of Jorquera, the town where the natural pools are located in the Júcar River dam.

The Prétola Lagoon Nature Reserve

In the population of prétola you can admire this Natural reserve, an ideal destination for those who want to know the different types of birds that nest in the Pétrola lagoon. It is a mass of water with abundant vegetation where numerous birds come together, such as the White-headed Duck, a sedentary species cataloged as “in danger of extinction”.

The lagoon It is 860 meters above sea level and despite being a high lagoon, is made up of salt water. This feature makes it a very special wetland with its own characteristics. It must be accessed through the open path on the east side of the lagoon. Along this trail you can reach the bird watching area. You can not circulate in other placessince it is a Nature Reserve and there are many protected birds.

You can find the location of Pétrola by following the link.

These are just some of the possibilities offered by the province of Albacete to enjoy rural tourism in this region of Castilla La Mancha, but there are many more things to discover.

Photo 1 | Juan Fernandez – Flickr CC
Photo 2 | Felipe Cuenca – Flicker CC

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