Rural tourism registers more than 50% occupancy in August

The occupancy level of rural tourism during the August bank holiday exceeds 50%, although the expected average for the month of August is slightly lower than this

Although rigors of summer mark that vacations are usually enjoyed on the beach, there are people who choose to enjoy those days off in a Rural environment, more relaxed and that has different characteristics from beach tourism. Normally, in most places in Spain, a figure very close to 100% is reached, but rural tourism shows more modest figures, according to a report carried out by the website Country Getawayspecialized in this type of tourism.

Although there is a trend of rural tourism Throughout the country, it seems that the preferences of the users of rural houses are centered on the autonomous communities of the North of the country. The communities preferred by tourists who choose rural tourism in Spain during the weekends before and after the festivity of August 15 are Asturias, Navarre Y Catalonia. The weekend before the August bank holiday is the one with the highest number of records, reaching 61% occupancy in rural accommodation.

This is an average, because Asturias is the autonomous community most chosen by tourists from all over Spain, with an occupancy rate of 75%. In the case of Navarra, 74% is reached, while Catalonia is in third place with 69% occupancy. These three are followed by the Basque Country, with 64% and Cantabria with 63%.

From this position, we move to the South, since the autonomies that continue in the level of occupation are Andalusia Y Murcia, both with 62% occupancy. The other great community of Northern Spain, Galiciafollows with 59% and the Valencian Community is in tenth place with an occupancy level of 54%.

Rural tourism August 2018

The average occupancy level this August is 41%, a slightly lower figure than last year, but it is expected that get better for last minute bookings, since the weather seems to be quite good. This type of tourism is in fashion, and is usually enjoyed by those who flee the crowds on the coast. A different type of tourism that allows you to enjoy nature and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Also, the rural tourism is an option chosen by those who travel with their petssince it is easier to find a rural accommodation that allows the presence of pets in the hotel or the cottage. A different option but one that is becoming more and more popular and that has charms that are not found in the usual coastal destinations.

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