Saint Patrick’s Day in the United States

Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is beginning to be a universal festival. Although apart from in Ireland, where it is most celebrated in the United States.

March 17 is celebrated every year St. Patrick’s day. Although this is Ireland’s national holiday, practically is already celebrated all over the world and beyond, as it has come to be celebrated even outside our atmosphere, inside the International Space Station.

Although, if there is a place outside of Ireland where Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in a big way, that is it. the United States, since already in the 18th century this celebration was commemorated by Irish immigrants. Not surprisingly, it is said that more than ten percent of the country’s population has Irish roots.

Although Saint Patrick’s Day is practically celebrated throughout the country, and that as such is not a holiday, we are going to see The main cities of the United States in which this Irish holiday is very important and, therefore, they are dyed green during that day.


Chicago celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day in a big way, with a great parade that has been held since the mid-19th century and, above all, turning the Chicago river green, which undoubtedly leaves some spectacular images. By the way, it should be noted that natural dyes are used for this, so the water is not damaged, nor is the flora and fauna that inhabits the river.


St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in Philadelphia since no less than the year 1771. Everyone dresses in green to go out and enjoy the parade and the various organized activities, but above all the party, since there are at least a couple of areas in the city full of Irish-run barsthat that day they are up to the top of the atmosphere.


The first North American city in which Saint Patrick was celebrated was Boston, well, not in vain a quarter of the population have Irish heritage. The South Boston neighborhood is where the parade is held and where most of the people are concentrated, although there are bars, concerts and marches practically throughout the city, the most irish of how many there are in the United States.

And of course… New York

For the end we leave New York, the Big Apple, because it is where the parade of Saint Patrick is celebrated most crowded in the world. Around two hundred thousand people participate in a parade that crosses Fifth Avenue, which lasts several hours and is followed by at least a couple of million people.

Photo | Flickr – Max Talbot Minkin

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