Sakoneta beach: a magical place

Have you heard of Sakoneta beach? I hope so, because that means that you know the Basque coast, in the north of Spain, quite well. But if this name doesn’t sound familiar to you, don’t worry either because here We are going to explain everything about this wonderful place in Guipúzcoa. And, of course, after knowing its peculiarities and charms, you will be wanting to enjoy it in the first person.

Sakoneta beach in Guipúzcoa

Getaria, Zaratutz, Hondarribia… there are many places on the Guipuzcoan coast worthy of being known, and so is Sakoneta beach. This is a place of maritime and geological beauty of the most special What are we going to show you?

It awaits you between the towns of Deba and Zumaia. Both towns are benchmarks for tourism in the area, so it will not be difficult for you to find accommodation there, since our advice is that you enjoy these places, towns and landscapes without rushing.

a hiking route

Unlike other beaches, when you go to Sakoneta, the most important things are not the swimsuit, the towel and the sunscreen. On this occasion, the important thing is a minimum hiking team, since To discover this coastal jewel, the ideal is to take a trail.

This path, always close to the Bay of Biscay, will take us through various maritime coves and also along cliffs. So finally we will reach the flyschwhich is what characterizes the landscape of Sakoneta beach.

What is a flysch?

Flysch is a geological term to describe a landscape where the erosion of the sea has exposed the subsoil strata in a curious way. This is so because after millennia of continuous friction, the softer rock layers have been eliminated and only the hard ones remain visible.

That is what we see here. We see it on Sakoneta beach and in other areas that we are going to find during the tour, since our itinerary runs through what is known as the Geopark of the Basque Coast.

The rest of the itinerary

Without a doubt, Sakoneta beach is one of the most surprising places in the Basque Country, and even on the entire coast of Spain. But doing this route offers us more jewels along the way. We will see, for example, other less spectacular flysch such as the one in Usorragaundi or the one on Mendata beach.

In addition, during the two-hour round trip, we will enjoy several truly spectacular viewpoints. The entire route is worth taking a thousand photographs, but the sea views offered by the Mendatagaina and Portutxiki viewpoints are wonderful.


Although we see some of the wildest corners of the Basque coast, the route is of low difficulty, so it can be done as a family.

Much better at low tide

An important recommendation before embarking on this excursion to Sakoneta beach is that you find out about the tide schedule. Please note that the tides on the Cantabrian coast are very pronouncedsomething that is clearly visible on any beach, from the most charming in Asturias to La Concha in San Sebastián.

The same thing happens on Sakoneta beach, and here it is important so that the low tide allows us to contemplate the flysch in all its beauty and strength. You will find a beautiful area where you can walk taking spectacular photos. Of course, always being very careful with tripping and with the sea.

More activities at Sakoneta Beach

It is true that photography, enjoying nature and hiking are the favorite activities of all those who come here. But also there are those who prefer to do this tour on a mountain bike.

while off the coast there can always be brave people who enjoy the good waves in the area surfing. Although, without a doubt, it is essential to have some experience in this sport to practice it here.

But, as we already told you, this place can be enjoyed in a quieter way. All you have to do is put on your boots, take some water and food and start this perfectly signposted excursion. Courage, to walk that is a source of health and happiness!

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