Salamanca: you will long to visit it again

Salamanca is one of the most complete Spanish cities from a cultural point of view. In recent years, the influx of tourists has been increasing, as corroborated by multiple hotel occupancy statistics, and this rate does not stop growing.

Every day a huge procession from all latitudes wanders through the streets of the city to enjoy the history, gastronomy and cultural agenda enjoyed by the city of Tormes. If we analyze the heterogeneity of the tourist offer, immediately we will realize the number of possibilities offered by both the city and its province.

The attractions of Salamanca

The simple fact of having the oldest university landmark in Spain attracts a cultured public to Salamanca, concerned about knowledge and about the knowledge that the ancient shelves of its historical library and its most illustrious classrooms keep. For this reason, the historic building of the University of Salamanca is a must.

The monumentality of its temples, buildings and squares is another attraction for a young and mature public, both during the day and at night. It is impossible to leave the city without taking a snapshot of its Roman bridge or the boar that appears in The Lazarillo de Tormes at one of its ends.

It is also impossible to forget its stately Plaza Mayor or from the rooftops of their Siamese cathedrals. Nor should we forget the colorful stained glass windows of his Casa Lis, halfway between the 19th and 20th centuries and sung in a memorable poem by the Salamancan poet Aníbal Núñez: Pendant oblique flare to the west.


Salamanca is poetry. Say it if not Fray Luis de León, professor who was at the Pontifical University. Or the greatest, Juan Yepes y Álvarez (San Juan de la Cruz), a student in Salamanca of the previous one.

And whoever wants to know more already knows where to go, no matter how much nature non dat… But it doesn’t matter, Salamanca, generous, will make the blind see, the dumb speak, the deaf hear, given the proverbial helminthic generosity.

cultural Salamanca

In Salamanca there is also space for lovers of cinema, theater and bullfighting. And of flamingo! That Salamanca, land of confluences, loves –also– cante jondo, and mentioning Rafael Farina would suffice. Fertile when it comes to wild cattle, he has produced bullfighters like El Viti or El Niño de la Capea.

Walking through its streets and squares, the most curious can travel to past times through the plots shot in while the war lasts (how great Don Miguel de Unamuno, immense rector of Salamanca!), by Amenábar. Or it is possible to enjoy performances at the Liceo such as untouchables or musical, like Rigoletto.

Of great tradition are the bullfights held in La Glorieta on the occasion of the festivities in honor of Santa María de la Vega and also the exhibitions, such as the curious exhibition of bullfighting held recently in the Plaza Mayor.

With so much hustle and bustle, who hasn’t gotten hungry?

to open mouth, the powerful gastronomy that the city offers should not be overlooked to the most restless palates. It is impossible to visit Salamanca and not stop at one of the bars on the outskirts of the Plaza Mayor, such as the peculiar Mesón Cervantes, with its endless variety of stuffed tortillas and native tapas, or the changing and increasingly modern Bambú de la Prior.

For more exquisite palates, the city offers authentic culinary institutions, like the Don Mauro Restaurant; or places where tradition and modernity are combined, such as El Mesón de Gonzalo.

Other dining options are offered by the famous Van Dick Street, privileged enclave for the most carnivorous. In it you will find inns specialized in toasts and grilled meats.

The ‘afternoon’ in Salamanca belongs to very charming places like Tío Vivo, O’ Hara’s or Capitán Haddock. In them, enjoying a drink surrounded by friends is one of the most special moments for many.

The beauty of the lands of Salamanca

After refreshing body and soul during a day in the city, it’s time to contact nature to enjoy a calmer environment, with an unprecedented rich landscape.

Just one hour from Salamanca, we can enjoy the villages of the Sierra de Francia. There await us places with such charm as La Alberca or Miranda del Castañar, with its peculiar mountain architecture and its cobbled streets crossed, on many occasions, by crystal clear streams.

In short, culture, history, art, gastronomy, youth and beauty perfectly define what we can find in this rich land. To say goodbye, nothing better than the words that Mr. Vidriera dedicated to this city that makes everyone who visits it fall in love: “…Salamanca, which enchants the will to return to it to all those who have liked the peacefulness of their home”.

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