Salou, a small paradise in the Mediterranean

Salou is one of the most demanded and recommended tourist destinations in Spain, as it offers numerous possibilities, starting with its privileged natural environment, which includes diverse and beautiful beaches and coves. Do you dare to know this authentic paradise in the Mediterranean that is Salou? You will certainly not be disappointed.

What to see in Salou

Torre Vella – Ferran Llorens /

In Salou there are places that cannot be missed, such as the monument to Jaime I. It recalls the exploits of the ancient king who, at the beginning of the 13th century, left the port of the Tarragona town for Mallorca with the aim of uniting it with his lands.

We go to the Torre Vella, built in the 16th century to protect the town. Today, it houses the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Enamels. There you can see a representative collection of enamels of the most varied techniques and trends of authors of various origins.

Just as prominent is the Luminous Fountain, a large pool that has magnificent sets of lights and colors. In fact, these can go up to two hundred and ten combinations in turns of ninety seconds. As a curiosity, it was created by the same engineer who built the Montjuïc fountain in Barcelona.

Other monuments and constructions that should also be visited are the Casa Bonet, in a modernist style and built by Domènech Sugrañes i Gras, a disciple of Gaudí; the Santa María del Mar church, the oldest temple in Salou, since its origin dates back to the 18th century; and the lighthouse, located on the cliffs, at the tip of Cape Salou.

What to do in Salou

Port Aventura – Simon & Vicki /

In addition to seeing all the monuments that we have just named, There is nothing like walking along Paseo Jaime I. This is one of the best known and busiest places in the town. And is that, is there anything better than walking among palm trees listening to the sea in the background? Just as recommendable is the Miramar promenade, next to Poniente beach.

Another possibility offered by Salou is to have fun at PortAventura, with numerous attractions such as the Shambhala roller coaster, the second highest in Europe, with a height of ninety-two meters; the Tutuki Splash, where it is impossible not to get wet; or Hurakan Condor, a tower with a free fall of almost ninety meters.

Nor can you stop trying the gastronomy of Salou, where there are numerous restaurants that range from traditional to avant-garde cuisine. Among the various dishes, we should highlight those marinated with some wine or cava of denomination of origin; or those made with rice, shellfish or fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea.

Natural areas of Salou, a paradise in the Mediterranean

Salou – vitality

Special mention requires the natural spaces, that add a special note to this paradise in the Mediterranean and allow tourists to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the town and enjoy corners of scenic value, starting with the beaches.


One of the most outstanding beaches is the Penya Tallada cove, with sand and crystal clear waters, which is surrounded by rocky cliffs covered with vegetation.

Just as recommendable are Cala Crancs, in which rocky seabeds are combined with Posidonia meadows and which is ideal for snorkeling; Cala Font and Cala Vinya, two small beaches with various services and facilities; Levante beach, Salou’s main beach; or the Poniente beach, next to the previous one.

Apart from dropping by the beautiful beaches and coves of the town you can do the Camino de Ronda de Salou. It is a path of more than two kilometers in length that allows to know in depth the scenic beauty of the coast of the town of Tarragona that concerns us and of La Pineda.

Likewise, without leaving Salou you can visit the botanical garden, which is home to more than four hundred plant species. You can also walk through the park of the City of Salou, with more than 15,000 m² in which various plants, flowers and ponds are distributed.

And finally, sixteen monumental olive trees must be admired that are located in front of the town hall and that are around a thousand years old. One of the treasures of that little paradise in the Mediterranean that is Salou.

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