Samaná, an interesting visit in the Dominican Republic

One of the most interesting regions to visit in the Dominican Republic is Samaná, one of the least crowded areas of the American tourist country.

If in a country like the Dominican Republic a region is recommended as one of the most attractive to visit, it will be for a reason. This is the Samaná region, an area of ​​the country that has not yet been taken over by mass tourism, so you can find virgin beaches and corners where it is still possible to find Nature in an almost pure state. In samaná can be found up to 28 kilometers of virgin beachesso it is ideal for those who want another type of vacation on the beach.

The best-known beaches with the largest number of tourists are the beaches of the terrenas, coson, gate either Moron Beach. In Las Terrenas, possibly the most visited place, you can find many bars, restaurants and nightclubs to enjoy a more traditional vacation in the Dominican Republic and with the services that offer greater comfort. The beaches of Rincon Beach Y the galleys offer another possibility, with fewer people and less busy areas.

Some of the most demanded activities in samaná are the possibility of going on horseback through the most spectacular areas, although you can also do these excursions in a jeep. Among the places to visit you can see what is considered the «best waterfall in the dominican republic«. jump the lemon It has a 50-meter drop, which reaches a spectacular natural pool that will be one of the most desired points for tourists. This place can only be reached on horseback or in an SUV, so it is one more incentive to discover it.

Las Terrenas Beach Samana

The most daring can jump down the zip line that starts at Joan Vincent, a few minutes from the Bay of Samaná, and the valley ends, flying over the palm trees that rise in this area, offering a spectacular view for users of the zip line. One of the views that you have from the zip line and that you can also visit is Cayo Levantado, an island that is located in the Bay of Samaná and that has 15 square kilometers.

The Los Haitises Park, which occupies 600 square kilometers and has a great variety of animal and plant species. Furthermore, in the samaná bay It is where you can see the humpback whales arrive to mate and have their young between the months of January and March, so the area becomes a sanctuary for between 3,000 and 5,000 humpback whales.

samaná It is a good option to discover an area of Dominican Republic which is not very crowded and keeps many secrets.

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