Saving money in New York: useful tips

New York receives millions of tourists a year, and it is not for less. Its cultural offer is incredible. However, not all adventurers go to meet her, since the price of the trip is usually high. Of course If you keep a few things in mind, you can save money in New York and get to know the city in depth.

Do you dream of traveling to New York? If money is an impediment to start this adventure, you do not have to worry. Us we tell you everything you need to know!

How to save money in New York

It is true that saving in New York does not seem easy, in fact, generally it is a very expensive destinationalthough it always depends on your preferences.

However, if you know some strategies about transportation, food, accommodation and discounts, you can enjoy the city like a true New Yorker. Try not to spend your budget on souvenirs and take advantage of every corner of the Big Apple.

When to travel to New York?

The truth is that New York usually has the same prices throughout the year. Low season is between January and MarchHowever, the transport budget will be high. Remember that temperatures may be below zero, so you will spend more on transportation. Impossible to walk for hours down the street.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that from May to October the temperatures are warmer and more pleasant. And you can save money, since you won’t be spending as much time indoors. In fact, you can enjoy free outdoor activities, such as concerts in Central Park.

What accommodation to choose?

There are many types of accommodation in New York, you should not focus on hotels, this is the most expensive option. Looking for a hostel is one of the cheapest ways to sleep in the Big Apple. In addition, you can choose between a private room or sharing one with several people.

The best advice we can offer you is do not hesitate to search and book your accommodation well in advance. New York is in great demand for rentals and the offers tend to sell out very quickly, although you can always find a promotion in hotels.

Likewise, we recommend you search for apartment or room rentals on platforms such as Airbnb. Even couchsurfing It may be a good choiceespecially if you want to save money in New York, since you will be the invited guest in a house that you can see through the web.

What is the cheapest transport?

Another way to save money in New York is to find out how to get around as cheaply as possible. Do not forget that this is a huge city.

Of course, walking is the cheapest option, however, you must take into account the weather. Plus, there are long distances between the places you’ll want to visit.

An alternative is to rent a bike. It will allow you to discover the city faster, but you must bear in mind that the outside temperature can be an inconvenience.

Thus, we recommend you use the MetroCard, the transport card of the Big Apple. You can load the money you want and use it without restrictions for any metro or urban bus.

With this card moving is much cheaper You buy the tickets individually. In any case, there are several possibilities taking into account if you travel during the day, at night, or even during the weekend. In addition, it works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

How and where to eat cheap?

During this trip you don’t have to eat hot dogs, you can find a lot of variety at a very good price. The best option to save money in New York is the street food stalls. Also, in every corner you can find one, so they can save you on more than one occasion.

For about a dollar you can find pizzas, hamburgers, fries… Yes, all fast food. It may not be the healthiest, but it is the cheapest and, after all, your trip will last only a few days. You can also look for a market, such as the Chelsea Market.

Another option: Shake Shak, Black Tap or Sushi Burritos are a must stop. You will feel like a true New Yorker eating at these restaurants. Finally, you should try Europa Café, a restaurant chain where you can find very cheap food.

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