Scale to Castelló returns in autumn with two historic ships

The third edition of Escala en Castellón arrives in the capital of La Plana and will allow two replicas of historic ships to be seen, which can be visited and known.

The third edition of Scale to Castelló it had to be delayed in the 2020 celebration, but luckily it has not been suspended. The capital of La Plana will host this year two historic ships, exact replicas of ships that have been historical milestones in navigation. Unfortunately, the celebration of this event, which has brought together thousands of people during its two previous appointments, dispenses on this occasion with the sailor market and all acts where many people can gather.

But still, the Moll de Costa from the port of Castellon It will be the reception point for the two historic ships that will participate in this smaller edition of this seafaring event. Originally, it was born as a collaboration with the French city of Setèwhich has been organizing a similar event for years, but since the first edition it had its own personality and turned Castellón into a benchmark in these types of events.

Two historic ships

The two ships that will arrive at the port of Castellón on October 8 are exact replicas of the original boats and visitors to the event will be able to learn how people lived on these ships in their time. The Ship Victory and the Galleon Andalusia They can be visited from that day until October 22.

The Nao Victoria is a faithful replica of the ship that went around the world with 18 men commanded by Juan Sebastián Elcano between the years 1519 to 1522. It was built in 1991 and in 2004 it sailed across the ocean following the same route it did originally. It is impressive to think that this ship, which is little more than a wooden shell, could achieve this milestone, but she did it in two years.

Galleon Andalucia Castellon

For his part, the Galleon Andalusia It is the replica of one of the ships that traveled the route between the peninsula and the New World and vice versa during the 17th century. Is about an exact copy that was launched in 2010 and who has participated in various events in various countries around the world.

Scale to Castelló will be held from October 8 to 22, with hours from 10 in the morning until 8 in the afternoon. The visit to the participating ships will be free, but you must make a reservation through the website To liven up the visit, a group of actors will represent what life was like on board.

The routes will be marked and The use of the mask and hydroalcoholic gel will be mandatoryso health safety will be fully guaranteed.

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