See gospel mass in New York: one of the best plans

Due to the influence of American cinema, many travelers look for a way to see a gospel mass in New York. The reason? It is something unique that we cannot witness in many places in the world! What would you not like to miss it? So pay attention.

One of the most deeply rooted religious customs in the United States is gospel music as a ceremonial rite in religious celebrations. This spiritual music was born in the 18th century, and we are more than used to hearing it in movies or on television.

As a result, if we travel to North America, it is impossible not to wonder how to go about seeing at least one gospel mass in New York. We tell you! But beforeā€¦

What is gospel music?

To understand the importance and roots of this custom in the United States, we must first understand its origin. To begin with, and as we said, Gospel music arose three centuries ago in hundreds of African-American Protestant or Evangelical churches.

Your name, gospel, comes from the Anglo-Saxon term godspelwhich means “the word of God”. As a result, since the 1930s, when it began to become popular, this genre has been developed in many religious celebrations.

Surely you have had the opportunity to hear it in a scene from a movie or television series. But maybe you don’t know that gospel music is characterized by harmonic choral singingwith themes related to Christian values.

How to see a gospel mass in New York?

Gospel has spread throughout the world, but we must not forget that its origin is the United States. For this reason, there are many tourists who, already lucky enough to travel to New York, are curious to witness a gospel mass.

Now, how can we do to see it? Very easy! We can do it on our own. Preferably on a Sunday, which is when more religious celebrations take place. The second thing we need to know is that we will be able to see a gospel mass in New York in some of its most popular neighborhoods.

Harlem, a quintessential gospel neighborhood

Going to Harlem on a Sunday is to ensure that you will be able to see a gospel mass in New York. It is the day of celebration par excellence and in this neighborhood alone there are more than 500 churches where every Sunday there is Eucharist. To get to Harlem, just take the 1 subway line and get off at 125th Station.

One of the most popular churches to see a gospel mass is Antioch Baptist Church, although practically anywhere you go you can enjoy it. Others that stand out are Abyssinian Babtist Church and Greater Refuge Center

Brooklyn, another interesting option to listen to gospel

Along with Harlem, you can also enjoy a gospel mass in New York traveling to the neighborhood of Brooklyn. This area is not that popularwhich means that there will be fewer tourists and you will have to wait in fewer queues.

Specific, we recommend you visit Brooklyn Tabernacle. This is a place that will make you feel like you are suddenly in a movie

Tips for going to a gospel mass

Surely you have a crazy desire to travel to New York and reach these neighborhoods. Now, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, You have to be clear that you are going to participate in a religious celebration. Therefore, you have to follow a series of rules based on respect and tolerance.

First of all, to enter the churches you have to be dressed appropriately, avoiding shorts and casual clothing. On the other hand, you must turn off your mobile phone and not take photos or recordings during the celebration.

Along with all this, remember to sit all the way back and leave the parishioners in front, in case you have to leave before the end of the mass (they usually last about two hours).

Also, it is important to leave a small donation to the church as a thank you. And above all, remember to remain silent and show respect to the people who attend the ceremony.

You can attend a gospel mass in New York on your own or by hiring an agency. In the first case you just have to follow our recommendations. However, if you prefer not to complicate yourself, you can do it through an agency. Once there, you just have to enjoyIt’s not every day you can experience something like this!

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