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Senhora do Salto: a little paradise in the Serras do Porto

It belongs to Rota do Românico and refers to the course of the Sousa River, second for two uphills and forming a narrow path known as hell. We stayed in Parque da Senhora do Salto, an ideal place to spend a very pleasant day with the family. For both geological and landscape attractions, or park is also a place of choice to enjoy mountain sports, and to burn a boa lenda.

Located in the district of Paredes, or a park between high mountains, cut by the Sousa river. No park, apart from being able to rest and relax, you can practice mountain biking, rappelling and climbing, and go through various trails on pleasant walks. Num two routes, you will be able to climb to the top of the Serra de Santa Iria, from where you can see the surrounding landscape with an unimpeded view.

The area is part of the Natura 2000 Network, since the habitats and the species (of flora and fauna) are protected. Here you can see animals such as andorinha das rochas or falcão peregrino.

Senhora do Salto (Marco Alves)

Take advantage of the walk in the direction of the so-called “Boca do Inferno”. Here you will find some little passages and a suspense where you will be able to appreciate this place in all its splendor. It is possible to visit the place with small children (and they are going to adore) but with proper care, obviously.

If you are a hiker, you can choose to do a pedestrian trail that passes through here. Treat-se do “Trilho do Alvre”. It is a circular route, 3.5 kilometers long, which can be done in 1 hour and 30 minutes, more or less every week.

O trilho, despite being official, is not well marked. For this reason, be careful to use GPS equipment, if necessary. Além disso, parts of the trilho afastam-se do Rio Sousa, embora possa opt for, simply, walk along its margins, for less we locate in that isso é possível.

Lady of Salto
Senhora do Salto (Marco Alves)

It is still possible to make snacks in the Parque da Senhora do Salto area. There is a picnic park right next to the chapel, with benches overlooking the river and trees for shade. The local is aprazível and invites you to a few moments of family fun.

Despite the local invitation to swim in the waters of Rio Sousa, it is not recommended. This local, or river can be treacherous, quite deep and with strong currents. For this very reason, resist the temptation and limit yourself to contemplating and enjoying the landscape or doing a few local walks.

Or what to visit near Senhora do Salto?

The Parque da Senhora do Salto is part of the recently raised project of the “Serras do Porto”. This region encompasses a series of villages, monuments, museums, pedestrian trails and laser parks, located a few minutes from Porto and worth a visit.

Perhaps the great highlight of this entire region is village of Couce (Just 20 minutes from Senhora do Salto). It is perhaps one of the best preserved typical villages around Porto. As their streets and houses of history, many of those recovered, fazem-nos recuar no tempo and imagine what it would be like or day-to-day of these people decades ago.

Mas Couce is not the only village in the Serras do Porto that deserves a visit: ainda stands out for Alvre, Senande and Sarnada. It is worth visiting them, appreciating every detail and conversing like local residents.

Lenda da Senhora do Salto

Not that I say respect to legends, there are several related to the local. A flattened stone with five caves is a nickname for those same legends. I know that there a cavalryman, persecuted by a lion or a herd (which was the incarnation of Diabo) there will fall, having barely survived thanks to the protection of our Senhora.

Assim, the marks on the stone would correspond to the legs and the focinho do cavalo. A lenda also says that the chapel of Nossa Senhora do Salto was ordered to be built by this same cavaleiro, as a form of gratitude.

How to check out Senhora do Salto?

He felt like visiting the park, he knew that it was in Aguiar de Sousa. Arrived at this locality, look for signs that show or detour to the Natural Park, where you can get there by following a narrow road, with a pronounced slope and that follows in the direction of the river. There chegado, park or car. Continuing to the left, you can find the pillars of a giant viaduct.

Lady of Salto
Senhora do Salto (moody.antonio)

Continuing straight ahead, he found Senhora do Salto herself, being able to observe or run the river, cross a wooden bridge and reach a small waterfall between two walls.

Likewise, we suggest that you take advantage of this day in Senhora do Salto, bringing family, friends, lots of water and an unavoidable snack, for a day surrounded by nature and two myths and local stories.

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