Shinjuku: we walk through a unique neighborhood of Tokyo

We take you to one of the most important neighborhoods of the Japanese capital. Shinjuku is one of the 23 neighborhoods of the city of Tokyo and is considered one of the most important Of the same. In fact, its extension is compared to that of other cities in the world, such as Granada, in Spain.

Shinjuku rivals another of the great neighborhoods, Akibahara. But in the one we are going to visit, there are a greater number of companies, a large commercial district and entertainment areas. Due to this, we will divide the neighborhood into two main zones so as not to lose detail of its many possibilities when it comes to enjoying the view.

Visiting West Shinjuku

The western part of the neighborhood is characterized by its tall skyscrapers and its buildings of modern architecture. As you will see when you walk around, some of them are very original.

It is not surprising to find sculptures at street level or other structures as peculiar as sculpture Sees it, at the foot of i-LAND tower. This same can be found in New York. There are many who consider her an icon of love, so photography with her is almost mandatory.

In West Shinjuku we can also visit the viewpoint of the offices of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Your entry is completely free. This, located more than 240 meters high, was built in 1991.

We can reach it on foot from the well-known Shinjuku station, one of the largest and busiest stations in the world. In fact, inside we can find up to seven large shopping centers.

Other attractions

Not far from Shinjuku Station West Exit we found the Omoide Yokocho. It is a charming alley full of small restaurants where we can taste typical dishes such as yakitori or the ramen.

Another interesting building is the Sumitomo Building. It is an iconic triangular-shaped skyscraper, built in 1974 and no less than 210 meters high. On the last five floors, open to the public, there are some restaurants with international and Japanese cuisine. We should also not miss the opportunity to photograph the impressive views of Tokyo.

to finish, We recommend strolling and relaxing in Shinjuku Central Park. This, located near the other points of interest mentioned above, has an artificial waterfall and a Shinto shrine that we can also visit.

Visiting Shinjuku East

For those looking to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Japan’s capital, East Shinjuku offers the possibility of shoppingtry your luck at some of its local pachinko or visit its bright and lively nightclubs.

Here is the department store on Lumine Est. Also you will find the well-known Bicqlo storeunique in all of Japan and where you can buy the latest in electronics at a great price.

Among the most famous streets and areas is Kabuki-cho, also known as Tokyo’s ‘red light district’. In it, in addition to finding nightclubs, we can see the famous ‘love hotels’ or browse in its exotic sex shops.

In East Shinjuku we will also find the area called Golden Gai, dedicated almost entirely to gastronomy and with premises that maintain a traditional aesthetic. Not far away we can also visit the well-known neighborhood of Okubo or Koreatown, where most of the city’s Koreans live.

Recommendations and tips for the visit

Many travelers who recommend, in addition to making a complete visit to the Shinjuku neighborhood, staying there. Not only does it have a wide tourist offer, it also offers several options to stay, from hotels to guest house for all kinds of budgets. The Shinjuku neighborhood is one of the best options if we want to stay in Tokyo.

Another advantage of staying in this Japanese neighborhood is that It is perfectly connected to the JR Yamanote line. This will help us not only to move around it, but to travel around the city and reach its most emblematic points without problems.

Also, in Shinjuku we can find a wide variety of restaurants where to taste typical specialties of the country. Furthermore, some of the best izakaya or Traditional bars are found in this famous neighborhood.

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