Sierra Norte de Sevilla, heart of Sierra Morena

The Sierra Norte is a Spanish region located in the province of Seville, in Andalusia. It includes municipalities such as Alanís, San Nicolás del Puerto, Constantina, Guadalcanal, Las Navas de la Concepción and many more, dotted between deep and narrow valleys.

This territory is characterized by its richness and natural variety, a not very steep mountain area, with mountains that slightly exceed 1000 meters in height; the highest is La Capitana, with 1007 meters, and all its valleys with low-flow rivers pour their waters into the Guadalquivir River.

Next, we suggest you go through and explore this beautiful, but rigorous Iberian territory, which manages to go unnoticed due to the difficulty of communications through him.

The North Sierra of Seville

The area of ​​this region is home to a series of small and picturesque towns, and also spectacular landscapes that contrast sharply with the Guadalquivir Valley further south.

When we say that the Sierra Norte de Sevilla is a rigorous territory, we are referring, for example, to its climatic parameters. Here there is an inland Mediterranean climate with very high temperatures in summer.

On the other hand, winters are cold, with approximately 85 days of frost. This fact means that the vegetation —more Iberian impossible— is accustomed to these extreme values.

However, not everything will be adversity, as spring in Andalusia is famous. It is the moment of warm temperatures, colors, aromas, blooming fields…

In fact, in the mountains of the Sierra Norte there is a much more pleasant situation: the temperature is a little lower, there is almost always little wind, people go out and children enjoy playing outside until midnight.

A place full of protected spaces

Although the entire region has remarkable natural and landscape value, here 4 enclaves stand out with special protection. These are the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park, the Almadén de la Plata Forest Park, the Huesna Waterfalls and the Cerro del Hierro. The latter is an old iron mine that is now adapted for sports such as hiking and climbing.

Sierra Norte Natural Park

This is located north of the province of Seville, in a mid-mountain region, and It is part of the Biosphere Reserve “Las Dehesas de la Sierra Morena”, declared by UNESCO.

It has an important animal population, led by mammals such as the wild cat, the otter, the wild boar, the deer, the fallow deer and the mouflon. Secondly, the avifauna of the park is also varied and abundant; the black and griffon vulture stand outthe black stork and the imperial and royal eagles.

As for the flora, the Sierra Norte is characterized by large areas of dehesa that alternate with holm oak and cork oak forests. In the shady areas, forests of gall oaks and other tree species such as chestnut, stone pine or elm thrive.

Likewise, on the riverbanks there are gallery forests made up of ash, alder and willow trees. It is a rich and varied amalgam that represents, as in few other places, the native fauna and flora of the Mediterranean landscape.

Almaden de la Plata Forest Park

The Forest Park of Almadén de la Plata It is located in the farm called Las Navas – El Berrocal, within the municipal term of Almadén de la Plata. The park has an area of ​​7,481 hectares and among its attractions is one of the main swamps in the park, called El Lanchar, enabled for fishing.

Inside is the Cortijo del Berrocal, which has a recreational area with picnic tables, wood-burning barbecues, drinking water fountains and a play area for the little ones. To get to this park, It must be accessed from Almadén de la Plata, by the C-431 road at kilometer 18, on the left side of this.

The Huesna waterfalls

The Huesna waterfalls form a natural monument of 16,196 square meters in a small area of ​​the river of the same name, in the municipality of San Nicolás del Puerto, within the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park.​

The natural monument, located about 2 kilometers downstream from San Nicolás del Puerto, it presents a series of small waterfalls and pools surrounded by abundant riparian vegetation.

Without a doubt, these small waterfalls, called Las Chorreras, where the river runs its course with crystal clear waters and under a spectacular gallery forest, are one of the best and most welcoming oases that you can find in this harsh territory.

To the waterfalls of Huesna it can be accessed through the greenway of the Sierra Nortean old railway line conditioned for use on foot or by bicycle.

The Iron Hill

Cerro del Hierro is a town, a hill and a natural monument located about 5 kilometers south of San Nicolás del Puerto along the Constantina road and also within the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park.

It is a karstic area rich in iron minerals that it was exploited as a mine from before the Romans until the middle of the 20th century. Today, it has been declared a natural monument due to its great geological and landscape value, and hiking and climbing are practiced here.

Secondly, the old mining town associated with the mine remains as a village with few inhabitants, dependent on San Nicolás del Puerto.

Sierra Morena, hidden and infinite

It is difficult to cover the infinite variety and rich landscape of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla. There are still many places to explore and discover, such as beautiful and cozy white villages, hidden and waiting for your visit.

With this selection, we have tried to bring you closer to unexpected corners full of beauty; that of its towns, which is no less, we let you discover it on your next trip.

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